My first attempt at Tokyo street style.

In the recent years of closely following fashion street looks from all over the world, I have to say that my favourite by far is the Tokyo one because of so many good reasons. I thoroughly enjoy everything I see, although to some, it might not make sense. The people of Japan know damn well how to dress and they kill it! What I love it about their street style is that it’s authentic, it’s real and it’s super raw. No two will dress alike and everyone’s got their own thing. The Japanese do not limit their style to just fabric and regular garments, they are not afraid to add in balloons and furs and all sorts of cool things.

They are not afraid to go out of the box and wear ingenious items to stand out from the crowd and this is what I love most about them; they certainly know how to express themselves and leave a big mark. Also their color mixing and matching color game is always lit! They do it so well! So in an attempt to re-launch my love for dressing up after falling ill and after having a baby to care for, here is my Tokyo street style inspired look…


Going into this, I didn’t know what I was really thinking and I was quite worried that I would look insane walking down the street wearing an array of colors. City people really do love their greys and blacks…so I for sure will be an oddball; not that I ever cared…but yeah. I obviously decided to go with vintage because why not? I bought this fuchsia raincoat a while back when I was pregnant from a charity shop and didn’t wear because well it wasn’t the time for it. It’s a vintage London Fog and I know it seems big but it’s so super fashionable and the rest well is history.



TRENCH: London Fog (vintage) ♠ SHIRT: Joe Fresh ♠ SKIRT: Vintage ♠ BOOTS: Spring ♠ BELT: Vintage ♠ BAG: Betsey Johnson ♠ SUNNIES: Aldo

This skirt I also bought at the same charity shop and having been dying to wear it because it’s so loud and colourful but I only had the chance to do so now and it’s quite crazy how the weather changes here. It’s in a very pretty soft light cotton that you can wear in the summer but easily transition it into the fall but wear stockings underneath to keep warm. Although I didn’t completely dive into the Tokyo street style looks and go full full out, I felt pretty confident and happy with the outfit. It just gave me the boost I needed to get back into the swing of things. Sometimes, we need that little push to get out of our comfort zones or perhaps to find ourselves again.



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