Fruit trend: yay or nay?!


I guess we all had to be ready this summer for an extra dose of vitamins with all the fruity fashion stocked up in stores…my sister and I were walking around a couple of shops these past weeks and we have noticed how large the fruit fashion trend has gone up. I, for one, ain’t against it…I think it’s cute and it livens up an outfit so effortlessly but then again, it isn’t everyone’s cuppa tea. The fashion industry repeats itself when it comes back again and again to relive a certain trend. The fruit and vegetable trend has woken up a few years back when Dolce & Gabbana launched their 2012 summer collection; it had the most colourful veggie inspired pieces anyone could ever dream of. PS: D&G always kill it when it comes to design. Then we were invaded by the whole pineapple trend around 2014 and then it kept rolling from there when watermelons and lemons and limes started making way into stores little by little right after the lemon D&G collection dropped in 2017. What do you guys think of all these prints? Do you like them or you can’t stand them?? Has the fashion industry taken it too far with these prints and should they take a rest? Would love to hear your thoughts on that one!


I know I am kindda into it. I always loved big bold prints….not too many floral make me happy but a good odd print is always nice. I remember I had a huge obsession with anything bird print at one point; it was all the rage I tell ya. I once spotted lemon printed pants at Zara and wanted to buy them but didn’t have the guts because they were too bold for me at the time and now I kindda regret not buying them because I am sure I would have worn them loads…but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. Lemons and cherries have always kept me intrigued and owning a good pair of cherry printed tops would be ideal at the moment to make any bland outfit more interesting. Or having a cherry-centric necklace would be soooo Romy and Michele.


Don’t think this trend is going anywhere anytime soon, so get your fruity prints on and enjoy looking like a fruit salad while you can!!!


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