The crossed dress…

I was going back and forth on buying this dress from Zara; I wasn’t really sure how it would work on me and how it would fit given that I bought it in a size large. I knew that it would be good around my growing 37 week belly but I wasn’t sure how it would be on the rest of my body. Well, the color is what caught my eye to start with, it reminds me of a raspberry ice cream I used to eat when I was little and it was my favourite of all time, so I figured why not just look like a raspberry for the remainder of my pregnancy. I can’t believe there’s not much left till I meet baby girl. This is insane! Time flies by so so fast and it’s really crazy how far I have come…I thought I would never get to the end and now at any moment I will go through this crazy thing called birthing.

Anyway, since I have been color inspired lately, I am continuing on that road because I know that post-partum will be a little dull in the fashion department since I would be focused on keeping baby alive. Besides, this could potentially be my last outfit! Who knows?!! Here’s how I styled the dress…


I didn’t want to wear a cardigan or a jacket since humidity has been quite crazy lately…so I figured a thin bodysuit would be best. This is also an item from Zara which I have purchased a few months ago and they no longer have it in stores….but what drew me to it was the fact that it seemed so psychedelic 70s…right up my alley; as you all know by now. Since the top and dress were pretty colourful, I decided to keep the accessories pretty muted in color so that the focus doesn’t stray away from this gorgeous dress. What I loved most about it is the tie at the front. They are basically long straps that you can tie any which way you want…I ended up passing it through the bottom to get a tighter fit on the dress which made my belly look cute.

My ankles are severely (not kidding) swollen and I miss looking at my pretty, sexy feet and so the only thing that works for me at the moment are slippers and even at that, they don’t fit well. Le boo!! The perks of being pregnant….I ended up stealing the bag and necklace from my sissy…that’s her department. She’s got a huge collection of accessories that she has accumulated through the years and it’s so adorable…it’s almost like a little shop. Love that she’s kind enough to lend me her things!

Even though I am quite ready to give birth, as I want my lungs and bladder back, I think I will miss the feeling of baby kicking in my tummy. I feel like I connected on a deeper level with her since her kicks got stronger…it’s such a weird yet fulfilling feeling and I never thought I would like that.



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