The print jacket edit!

The heat doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon and so the fewer layers I wear, the better! I opted for a minimal look today, nothing to crazy but still quite girly, fun and feminine. The shirt I am wearing is yet another Zara purchase and it was perfect to wear on this hot day because despite the volume, it is still very light and airy. As I am approaching my due date, I am feeling slightly nervous and incapacitated but I try to keep it positive and clothes help me feel just that. I tend to overthink sometimes and stress for no reason and being a mum is going to be super new for me and I don’t know what to expect. But here I am, ready for a challenge and putting aside my fears, I wanted to share another outfit with you and also document it because I was happy with it.


I was eyeing this top for a while and I wanted to get the whole co-ord set but they no longer had the pants available which sucks!! But the shirt will do! I like how deep the colors are and that you can easily transition this piece from summer to winter without issues. The floral print is there but not too in your face which makes it subtle but feminine in the best way possible. I love the tie around the waist so you can choose to wear it as a jacket, open, or you can simply cinch it up to your own liking.


SHIRT: Zara ♠ PANTS: Maternity (thrifted) ♠ SHOES: Expressions (The Bay) ♠ BAG: Ugg (thrifted) ♠ SUNNIES: Unbranded (Local shop in Jericho)


I honestly don’t know how celebs do it, looking all glam all the time with their heels at 9 months into their pregnancies. I like barely manage to walk in them sometimes not being pregnant…haha! So it is quite the challenge to do so with a big belly. Luckily my heels aren’t too uncomfortable so walking is the easy part, it’s the putting them on and off that’s tiring. So I paired it off with my engagement velvet burgundy shoes for a pop of color and it added just a touch of pizzazz.

I will find it so weird when I start my fashion blog post-baby…I kindda gotten used to the big belly and it will feel weird without it for a while I think. Anyway I am enjoying all the fashion at the moment because who knows when I’ll have time after baby comes.


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