Since being diagnosed as a diabetic preggo, it has become a mission of mine to constantly walk to reduce my glucose levels…and not just anywhere, I need to walk in nature where there are trees and flowers and birds and happy moments. Spending those happy moments with family is keeping me quite content and occupied; I no longer feel the need to count down to due date. I either spend my time working on perfecting my online shop, shipping out orders and finding new items to post. I am actually quite excited to share in an upcoming post some of the beautiful things I purchased to stock up my online store; some dresses are to die for!!! If I wasn’t pregnant, I think I would spend my entire summer changing up outfits and trying on dresses till I drop. There’s something just so exhilarating in trying on dresses from different eras, it’s like you almost feel the true essence of it through the clothes. Currently, I am dreaming of the 70s; Cher’s epic and bold style, Joni Mitchell’s exotic flare, Charo’s top bun and Barbra Streisand’s boobilicious body…uh, I can just stay there forever. I am craving to be creative but sometimes my little belly limits me from dressing up super fashion. So, here’s how I got inspired in my own way by the 70s…

I wore high waisted blackish/silver metallic culottes. They’re my regular non-maternity trousers, so since they were giving me a bit of a funny crotch situations, I had to hide it with a loose fitting top and this one is stolen from my sister’s wardrobe; that’s the true beauty of having siblings, you just get to steal their clothes without and, ifs or buts.

Since my shoe wardrobe department is quite limited these days, I opted for slides and that works out perfectly to easily slip in and out of them.



To maintain that 70s vibe, I threw on my veil as a little headscarf; super free-spirited and wild of me, I know!


Overall, nature, lately, has been my refuge and I am quite happy with just needing that at the moment to stay positive and refreshed. I feel like the more I spend time outside, the less I stress about giving birth…so here’s to another 2 months of walking in parks and enjoying the sunshine!



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