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A visit to “Maison Lavande”

If you’re in Montreal and you’re bored to bits and pieces and have nothing to do for the next couple of weekends, then why don’t you go to the lavender fields in St-Eustache? It has always been a little girl dream of mine to walk in those purple fields for hours and dance around as the wind blows the lavender beautiful therapeutic sent up my nostrils. Finally, with the push of my little darling niece who also wanted to go, I ended pursing the rest of the family to join in for a healing journey. You can spend the entire day walking around, taking photos, strolling, relaxing and picnicking all for the price of 10$ per person (or free for those under 11). It was totes worth it. Even though, I expected the smell of lavenders to just waft up my nose and wrap me overwhelmingly but the smell was mild. I still highly recommend you visit Maison Lavande for a day of family fun. Even though it was busy, it was still relaxing to sit in the fields and enjoy the sun. I fell in love immediately and felt serene throughout the whole visit.


So in today’s post, I wanted to share some photos of the place along with some outfit details…since I have been a little MIA lately; growing by the second here and haven’t been inspired to dress fancy.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

You will have plenty to do and see there and I promise you won’t even want to check the time because you’ll absolutely love it. I also recommend you try tasting something from the Bistro; either a fresh and cold lavender juice or a lavender frozen yogurt….so delicious and punchy, in a good way!


As for my outfit, I went for something comfortable and somewhat monochrome…I mean I did want to take loads of pictures in the fields…so I didn’t want to wear something too colourful and crazy because I wanted the main focus to be on the gorgeous lavender plants. So I went for a pink/salmon color scheme and wore a dress I owned previously but haven’t put in a while as a shirt and just added my maternity jeans; pretty simple and straightforward–nothing too avant-garde! So to keep that salmon scheme going, I wore my current favourite rose pink flat mules from Kenneth Cole Reaction and those cute little pompom pinkish earrings.


DRESS: Pink Rose ♥ JEANS: Thyme Maternity ♥ SHOES: Kenneth Cole Reaction ♥ SUNNIES: Kate Spade ♥EARRINGS: Claire’s


I suggest you hit up the fields this month because the flowers are super in bloom and so you’ll fully take advantage of the view!

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