“Pregnancy” jumpsuit

Today’s outfit is pretty straight forward…nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary. Feeling like a beach whale is now a common theme and I want to be as comfortable as possible in my last trimester. Struggling to put shoes on is something I never had to endure before being pregnant; seems like I lost my agility and my flexibility to bend or twirl and I find that so so so hilarious.

Although a little unpractical for bathroom loving/visting preggo ladies as I has not only a bodysuit but also a jumpsuit. I love love love this jumpsuit, it’s so lightweight and so comfortable, it’s unreal! Perfect for those hot summer days. I got it online from a random shop and it was one of the best pregnancy purchases I have made and what’s awesome is that I can wear this even after the pregnancy with cute tops and colourful belts and shoes.

Here’s how my outfit turned out:


I bought these 70s Ferragamo leather heels in a garage sale and they’re super adorable and versatile and just go with everything. I have posted them for sale on my online shop and let me tell you that you can run a marathon in them! I love how Chanel inspired they are with the two tones leather colors.



TOP: Zara ♠ JUMPSUIT: Online-Ebay ♠ SHOES: Ferragamo (vintage) ♠ BAG: Uggs (thrifted) ♠ SUNNIES: Rayban

I got this Uggs bag from a thrift shop, I figured it would be big and perfect enough to wear once the baby comes…a baby approved bag is always necessary especially when nappies and milk bottles need space. I like that it’s black but has gold hardware so it makes it look more glamorous.


So here ya have it, just simple, easy and works for a 28 weeks preggo woman; an outfit that makes me feel put together without trying too too hard.


2 thoughts on ““Pregnancy” jumpsuit

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