The Cami Handkerchief Jumpsuit edit!

I am here again with another pregnancy outfit; I have been quite inspired lately and dressing up has been the only thing cheering up my mood. I have been quite sad, missing le hubs, and so, being creative is my only outlet. Along with the few other purchases I have made recently for my pregnancy, this jumpsuit was one of them. It isn’t a pregnancy item in particular, but it works well for now as it will fro after the pregnancy and this is exactly why I bought it. I got it from EBay a few weeks ago and received it just in time to be able to wear it for the remainder of my pregnancy. I ended up buying it in black and red and I absolutely love how comfy and lightweight it is. I ended up getting it in an XL, for some reason, I thought I would be huge in my third trimester, but it ended up being a little too big, but nothing crazy though; I like how loose it is and what I would be after the baby is just cinch it up with a huge belt and I am sure it would look bomb. I guess I could do that now, but the looser the item the better, I don’t feel restricted or tight.


To top it off, I added a little bit of drama with this upcycled jacket. A jacket I have had for a while but not worn ever…until today, I felt like it made the outfit a little less boring, a little less fat beach whale and a lot more fashionable.


JACKET: @ledressingdemoon ♠ JUMPSUIT: Ebay ♠ SHOES: Urban Outfitters ♠ SUNNIES: Kate Spade ♠ EARRINGS: H&M

I got these slip-on mules a few months back because I knew I would have such a hard time in my third trimester get in and out of shoes; the struggle is real people!!! It is real! Bending is nearly impossible…for someone as flexible as me, I feel like I took it for granted, haha!


To add a little bit more jazz in the outfit, I add these gorgeous yellow earrings from H&M a while back, because I knew they would be the perfect outfit finisher. You just add them to any outfit you like for a pop of color and voila, the trick is done. You instantly look put together.


Moroccan Vibes…

Today’s outfit consists of another vintage item available for sale on my online shop; and it’s a piece I truly cherish. I got this little number from an acquaintance as a present from her travels to Morocco and although I love every bit of it, I find it a little intimidating to wear sometimes because it’s so bold and bright. These days, since I am approaching the end of my pregnancy, I feel a little bit more daring and perhaps the raging hormones help me not have any care in the world. So, today, this is exactly what I did…plunge in the world of ethnic, bold, beautiful fashion and I was happy with the outcome. I normally can wear this beautiful linen caftan as a full dress, but since having a belly makes things shorts, I wore it more as a tunic and ended up just wearing pants underneath.


Although I got these jeans from the maternity shop, I feel so constricted in them and so opting for dresses nowadays seems pretty much easier for me. However, I feel like the jeans and the Moroccan caftan came well together and made the look more approachable and cool.


CAFTAN: Etsy-@ledressingdemoon ◊ JEANS: Thyme Maternity ◊ SUNNIES: From a local Jericho shop ◊ SHOES: Aldo ◊ BAG: Zara


Since the caftan was bold and bright…I decided to balance the rest of the outfit accordingly and so adding a plain baby pink veil and colourful floral shoes was the perfect finishing touches to this whole look.



Vintage floral flare; a pregnancy outfit!

I have been feeling quite happy experimenting with vintage again. I am so glad to be back to my endless, glorious, colourful vintage closet and trying on different outfit combinations. I have been going about my closet for the past couple of days and digging out outfits that fit me to wear them out. Since restocking my store, I have purchased pounds of 70s, 80s and 90s dresses and I have been finding them useful with my growing belly. I feel like in the past 2 weeks, my belly grew quite drastically and I am bothered more than ever to wear pants, therefore, wearing some of these dresses out has been a blessing more than anything. Styling them has been super fun and trying to wear them in different ways has brought back some of my fashion enthusiasm. Today’s outfit consists of a super dope 90s floral cotton dress…super lightweight, super comfortable and super stylish! What I love about these types of dresses is that you can easily style them up or down depending on the occasion.


Since today was a little bit windier and I have had a tiny cold since landing, I wanted to wear a heavier jacket to stay warm, what better jacket to wear than a leather one! I haven’t worn a leather jacket in ages and it felt so good! It’s like feeling badass all over again.


JACKET: Danier leather ◊ DRESS: Vintage (Etsy: @ledressingdemoon) ◊ SHOES: Kenneth Cole Reaction ◊ BAG: Zara ◊ SUNGLASSES: Kate Spade


Since the outfit was a little bit too dark, I decided to add a pop of color with this gorgeous soft leather purse from Zara. It’s a recent purchase, but a good one! I have been using it non-stop since getting it and surprisingly, it fits a lot.

I am slowly getting back into the swing of things, being hands on and building up my store again has given me more energy and enthusiasm to continue with vintage. It’s so exciting and gratifying, especially when the customers are happy with their orders!


“Pregnancy” jumpsuit

Today’s outfit is pretty straight forward…nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary. Feeling like a beach whale is now a common theme and I want to be as comfortable as possible in my last trimester. Struggling to put shoes on is something I never had to endure before being pregnant; seems like I lost my agility and my flexibility to bend or twirl and I find that so so so hilarious.

Although a little unpractical for bathroom loving/visting preggo ladies as I has not only a bodysuit but also a jumpsuit. I love love love this jumpsuit, it’s so lightweight and so comfortable, it’s unreal! Perfect for those hot summer days. I got it online from a random shop and it was one of the best pregnancy purchases I have made and what’s awesome is that I can wear this even after the pregnancy with cute tops and colourful belts and shoes.

Here’s how my outfit turned out:


I bought these 70s Ferragamo leather heels in a garage sale and they’re super adorable and versatile and just go with everything. I have posted them for sale on my online shop and let me tell you that you can run a marathon in them! I love how Chanel inspired they are with the two tones leather colors.



TOP: Zara ♠ JUMPSUIT: Online-Ebay ♠ SHOES: Ferragamo (vintage) ♠ BAG: Uggs (thrifted) ♠ SUNNIES: Rayban

I got this Uggs bag from a thrift shop, I figured it would be big and perfect enough to wear once the baby comes…a baby approved bag is always necessary especially when nappies and milk bottles need space. I like that it’s black but has gold hardware so it makes it look more glamorous.


So here ya have it, just simple, easy and works for a 28 weeks preggo woman; an outfit that makes me feel put together without trying too too hard.


Long haul flight; pregnancy edit

I have traveled long haul multiple times; for years, since I was a little girl, but for some reason, as I get older, I find it harder and harder. I didn’t really know what to except when it came to traveling six months pregnant; so here I am writing you a little bit of a summary of how I felt after an 11hr flight.

long haul flight


Whether you like it or not, the washroom will be your best friend. It was always a huge burden for me to go to the washroom on planes because they’re so filthy and disgusting and I feel shitty after going in there. However, no matter what you do, pregnancy will not allow you otherwise. I ended up going, no joke, every hour to the loo, which was not such a pleasant experience. A girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do I guess. So here’s my advice to you, be prepared; prepare your supplies…get a toiletry bag and fill it with wipes, hand disinfectant and your own soap (dramatic I know, but trust me, you need it). Anything that makes you feel fresh will be a bonus to keep in your bag. Also, a fresh pair of undies, in case of emergency, also helps.


Second thing I really struggled with and wish I had thought of was having a super super dry nose, gosh, that one is a killer! I already, slightly, before traveling, suffered of a dry bloody nose, but I didn’t think it would be a huge issue on this flight. I struggled for most of the flight and just ended up wetting my nose whenever I felt like I couldn’t handle it anymore. One thing you can get to ease your dryness is a nose spray like HydraSense and this should do it.

You’ll basically be a walking cactus! I know I was before traveling and during the flight, I suffered quite a lot…not the greatest feeling being dry. However, for that I was fully prepared. I had a facial spray, a face moisturizer and a body lotion. These were essentials that I knew I needed to pack and they helped ease my dryness quite a lot and I felt pretty content with what I had packed. Another thing, don’t forget the eyeballs ladies! Your eyes will be desert dry the minute you’re up in the air. So make sure you pack up some eye drops with you because you’ll need it.


Yes, the plane gives you food…but I don’t like it much and it isn’t a lot of food anyway. One thing I know for sure is that I get hungry quite often. Eating little baby sized meals is the way it will be for the next few months and so snacking is super essential. So before getting on the plane, get snacks! Pack everything and anything that will keep your stomach happy. I ended up packing energy bars, mixed nuts and some chopped veggies.

Overall, it was an okay experience…I usually get super tired on long haul flights and end up taking sleeping pills to sleep it off…but since this wasn’t an option for me this time around. I ended up dozing off for a little on and off during the flight, walked around a little and watched movies to make the time pass. It is necessary not to obsess with the time and keep checking it because it just makes things worst. Just stay positive and keep yourself entertained and you’ll see that in no time, you’ll get to your destination safely!

Bright in Pink; The Eid Edit

After a little bit of a much needed break, here I am back with another blog post and this time I am sharing my Eid outfit. I was quite happy with the outcome of it, so I obviously needed to document it! I am now in my last trimester and feeling big is quite of an understatement; I in fact feeling like a beach whale and I k now I will grow some more; not complaining, just stating the obvious. DUH! Anyway, Eid Al-Fitr usually comes after Ramadan; where you usually “sacrifice” a lamb or veal to feed the poor and feast with your friends and family. It is also mandatory to give a Zakat; which is a sum of money that you give to the poor so that they too can celebrate Eid with their loved ones. Ramadan and Eid are usually my favourite part of being Muslim, because they help keep you grounded and be content with what you have and share it with those in need.

So without further ado, here’s my outfit:


I finally took the plunge and bought a pink suit, I have been wanting either a pink, an orange or an all yellow power suit…but couldn’t find one I liked. I even didn’t mind it being vintage…I searched high and low and finally found a bright pink one at Zara. I cannot really fit in it at the moment, but I still wore the blazer and it felt pretty damn good to finally wear something structured. The fabric is so beautiful and sturdy and I cannot wait to wear the whole things once baby comes out and my body gets slightly back to normal.


BLAZER: Zara ◊ SHIRT: Thrifted ◊ JEANS: Thyme Maternity ◊ SUNGLASSES: Raybans ◊ BAG: Aldo ◊ SCARF: Handmade from Turkey ◊ SHOES: Kenneth Cole Reaction


I wanted to wear heels, but unfortunately, I am super wobbly and can’t hold my balance too well. I find it so funny how we “lose” a lot of ourselves and our habits while being pregnant. And I say lose very generally because it’s not as important as I thought it would be…because honestly, being pregnant as hard as it can be…is a little bit awesome too, especially when baby starts kicking. It’s insane how a human body can expand to be able to contain another human being. I didn’t want to be overly pink and so I ended up putting some blue into my outfit; I am wearing a maternity pair of jeans, yes, I caved in and needed to buy a pair of jeans. Putting an extension was fine for the first 5 months, but the last trimester was going to be dreary and hard if I didn’t get these pants. I only got one pair and that’s the only thing I need. To bring the whole look together, I wore a Turkish silk scarf (they’re a total bitch to keep in place…but totes worth it) and I felt like it amped up the look times 1000.


So here you have it folks, my Eid look and I couldn’t be happier with the end result…I totally felt pretty for the first time in a long time. I think, being pregnant, sort of took away my enthusiasm for dressing well…not that it’s the baby’s fault or anything, I just felt quite awkward in anything I wore. I think it is important to enjoy the process and try to keep an open mind…so even if you feel like a beach whale like me, well make an effort and find an outfit that makes you feel like a million dollars.



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