How to deal with hormonal/pregnancy breakouts

Since hitting the sixth month mark, I feel like my body is in extra work mode; it’s heating up and wearing out easily…Not that it matters much, C’est la vie I guess! But for a couple of weeks now, I have been getting loads of little intruders around my chin and jaw line, it’s not a catastrophe, but the issue is there. Therefore, not to make matters worse and end up with hyperpigmentation issues, I want to deal with the breakouts now rather than later. Being pregnant is like carrying a hazard sign, I must be careful what I put on my face because not everything works and many ingredients are not to be used during pregnancy. So here are my tips and tricks on dealing with breakouts while pregnant.


First thing I learned is to keep my face super hydrated, because when it is, your skin barrier is stronger. I am currently desert dry, like Death Valley dry and it burns like hell. So I keep slathering on lotion…but since I am currently out of my favourite deep hydrating moisturizers, I use whatever I find on hand that has as much less chemicals as possible. The one I am currently using is the Ahava Essential Day Moisturizer. I mean, it’s not the best one I have ever used, it hydrates, enough, but you need to keep adding layer after layer throughout the day, which bugs me. I want to put something just once and get on with my day. The more I keep my skin happy, the less it breaks out. So obviously, this is the biggest thing you want to focus on, to keep pimples at bay, because the hormonal ones are a little bitch! Obviously before hydrating, you want to make sure your skin is clean. So focus on cleaning your face twice a day!



So whenever I have extreme and deep pimples, I like to mask, but since I have dry skin, I can’t use super drying masks. The one I am currently using is the Ahava Purifying Mud Mask; it’s a three minute mask, so it’s great to just do it quickly and it clears your face enough but doesn’t dry out since you don’t keep it on for too long. I have used better ones but this is okay for the moment. Plus the ingredient list isn’t scary and it’s made of Dead Sea mud; so natural minerals are at play. I do the mask, whenever I feel like my skin is really naughty and spotty. I usually like to put it on after I shower because my pores are open and I find the mask more efficient then.


I have added this step into my skincare routine since December and I find that it makes a difference in the texture of my skin. I mean it isn’t a genius discovery, but for me, it worked! Since being a little bit too dry, I figured, the only way to keep my skin hydrated is to use an essence, but since there aren’t any avaible in Palestine, I opted for something more natural and that can easily be found in the grocery store. Rose water has made my skin more supple and more plump; I don’t feel like my skin is tight or feel like I’m Jason Voorhees. For the rose water, I like to either splash it on my face by patting it in or I like to spray it with a spray bottle (any bottle works). I do this step three times, kinda took that from the Korean skincare world, where apparently if you repeat your steps at least seven times, you get more benefits and more hydration. In fact, it does make a difference; I don’t do it seven times, I only do it three, but it’s enough for it to be noticeable. I keep my rose water in a spray bottle and keep it at hand so that whenever I need a boost during the day, I just spray my face and get on with life. I also, use it as a primer spray before my makeup (whenever I wear makeup) and as a setting spray. It’s light, it’s hydrating, it works wonders and it’s cheap!


On days where I feel like I played with my face too much and feel like I might end up with a scar, I turn to Aloe Vera gel. Simple, I don’t buy it from anywhere, I just get a leaf from the street; there are plenty of Aloe Vera plants out here in Palestine; since it’s pretty hot and they grow all year round. I keep one leaf in my fridge available at all times and all I do is cut a small piece of it and get the gel out….rub it all over my face and sleep with it overnight, the next morning, I wake up with better and happier skin. I repeat that a couple of times during the week and whenever I feel like my scars have healed, I stop using it. Aloe Vera gel is absolutely amazing for scar healing and burns and cuts…so why spend so much money on scar erasing creams when you can just use natural Aloe Vera gel.


Last but not least, when there are super stubborn cystic bumps…which are kinda rare, but present, I just go for my trusted little magic in a tub. I have spoken about this in previous posts and it continues to dominate the charts, my Mario Badescu drying cream is prefect for those hard to beat bumps. It’s effective and a little tub can last you ages. I use it as a spot treatment; I don’t put it all over my face, since it is pretty drying and a little but goes a long way. But, from my own experience, I promise you that it really does work!

So here are my little tips and tricks, hope that they help you in beating those little hormonal monsters that grow out of nowhere. Hormonal breakouts are the worst and I hate how painful they are! But remember the key to keeping breakouts at bay and avoiding hyperpigmentation is to always keep your skin deeply hydrated; from the inside out!!! And don’t pick at them!

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