Jungle Fever

Weather’s been crazy these days, either chilly, either too hot…and it’s a bit confusing on what to wear in Jericho. There were a few rainy days and they were awesome, feels nice to see something else than sun; makes me kinda miss living in a 4 seasons (almost) country. We had a few errands to run and a little visit to hubs’ uncle today and since it was blooming hot, I figured a dress would be perfect; airy, comfortable and light. Since I have had this little number for a good 3ish years now, I figured it was time to wear it (I think I probably only wore it once). I know it ain’t everyone’s cuppa tea, but I love it! The main reason why I bought this dress is for the fact that obviously it is striped! Yes you got it! But also because it’s so unique with the embroidery on it!! I got it on a little visit in Egypt for a little tiny nameless boutique that my mates took me to. I knew that I wanted to have this piece in my wardrobe because of its one of a kind element. In fact, it was the only piece in the shop and it was a size medium, it might be slightly too big for me, but I am okay with it and I bought it anyway. A collector’s item, I would say! Besides, I find that it works well with my 21 weeks growing belly. How time flies! I remember only yesterday puking my life away at only 6 weeks.


I honestly get mixed reviews when wearing it and I know it’s a love/hate piece. You either love it or hate it and I am okay with that, because you only dress to impress yourself. I have had a few questionable looks, but I really didn’t care, because this dress makes me feel all kinds of special. It’s bohemian, it’s rebellious, it’s glorious, and it’s girly. No need to say more!



Since this dress is overwhelmingly detailed (for some), I didn’t need to accessorize much, I just went for a simple black clog heel and a red veil to tie the whole look together. I wanted to sport a turban, but I felt too lazy to spend the time to wrap it up nice.


These are the kinds of pieces I like to invest in and keep for a long time because they are so special. Even though it’s very colourful, I find that it works for a lot of different occasion! Besides, this is all me in a dress! Crazy, spirited and colourful.


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