A little bit orange!

We had a birthday party to go to and I felt like dressing light and colourful because the sun is shining and beaming. I don’t spend much time outside because I don’t want to end up with hyperpigmentation spots on my face but the days the I do go out in full sun, I take advantage of. Today is one of those days. The party was set to be outside and so, I wanted to work on my tan a little better and didn’t want any awkward lines on my face, with the veil and all, so what I ended up doing is wearing my veil in a turban style. Second trimester has been treating me well so far and i am taking full full advantage of dressing up and looking cute…I know that soon, that might change depending on the swelling and the size of my bump.


It’s already quite hot here in Jericho 29 degrees and so layering was not on the table. I ended up opting for a colourful button down shirt which gave me huge summer vibes and made me happy.


I got these slide sandals from a local shop here in Jericho. It was the last pair on the shelf and it was my size so I figured that it was a sign for me to “indulge” and by indulge I mean spend a whooping price of 18$. Such a splurge I tell ya! I haven’t shopped much recently, so it felt good to buy something new for the first time in a long while. I bought it not only because it’s cute but for the pure practicality of it. Being pregnant and having a bump is harder than I thought it would be when trying to tie your shoes. I have had to ask my husband’s help a couple of times to strap me in my shoes. God bless his little heart! So having slides during the summer time is super useful and fundamental really to easy dressing. Plus, they’re a good alternative to ugly flip-flips. Never wearing those in public!


SHIRT: Topshop ◊ PANTS: Buffalo (thrifted) ◊ SHOES: From a local shop in Jericho ◊ SUNGLASSES: From a local shop in Jericho ◊ EARRINGS: H&M


Sadly, and for obvious reasons, my regular jeans and pants no longer fit, however, I have managed to make them work by adding hair elastics to give them a little bit more extension. Not the greatest look, but it works and when you have a long top on, no one will ever notice. It’s a super subtle and effective way to wear your regular clothes during pregnancy.


Dressing up has always brought joy to me, but sometimes, I am demotivated easily by my surroundings and discouragements. Therefore, I am doing my best these days to have a different outfit every day and make it count; because I know that when baby comes, I won’t have too much time to pamper myself at first. Although, I am going to try and do my best to give both baby and I the time we deserve.



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