Party look: pregnancy edit!

I am definitely starting to feel preggo…I am getting a little heavier and my movement is a little slower. Plus, my joints having been hurting me like crazy…that sort of joint pain you feel sometimes when it’s super super humid out, yeah that pain. It sometimes stops me from being energetic and even if I hit the 5 months mark, I still do feel extremely exhausted at time and a little bit nauseated; but it is honestly tolerable and I am okay to function. So today my husband pushed me to get dressed and go out with his to his friend’s engagement party, I mean yes I was all up for it, but at the same time I felt pretty sad because nothings fits me nicely in my closet at the moment. Since there was no time to borrow or shop for something, I dug really deep into my wardrobe and found these Topshop glittery trousers which I had bought a couple of months ago but never wore (tag was still on). I usually like my things to be looser on the bottom because I feel like I have huge hip…but really I don’t that much; I am just hourglass! Anyway, the pants were in a size 10UK, so I gave them a go and they fit me perfectly!!!! They even closed all the way and I didn’t need any extension, which felt pretty amazing! I mean, I really don’t care at this point if I end up with loads of stretch marks or how much weight I’ll gain, I am super not even thinking about it, but I feel a little sad that I don’t get to wear pretty things…I mean colors and fashion make me so much happier. I know I could compromise for the next 4 months that are left, but if I could sneak in a killer outfit here and there, once in a while, then why not?


I went with an all grey theme today…seems like it’s a new color I am loving at the moment! To bring a pop of color into a totally bland color scheme, I added some mustard and some burgundy…two other colors I love. I am having such a mustard moment and I wish I could buy everything mustard, but that would just be completely insane. So here’s how my little outfit turned out:



I was happy that my shirt was a little looser on my tummy area because it hid my bump perfectly and it didn’t completely give away the fact that I am pregnant. Sometimes I feel like I get looked at and classified as a physically challenged person and I know it comes from a good place. But having people telling me to stop carrying grocery bags or stop working out or stop standing so much is a little annoying…I mean, we are women, we are made strong and I will certainly not use my pregnancy as a crutch to become a lazy bum. Although sometimes it’s nice to veg out, but I find that I get more tired if I do nothing. Anyway, I love this shirt, it’s vintage silk Thai shirt that I got a couple of months ago from the Nova store in Hudson. It’s a little bit big on me, but it works out perfectly for my current state.



SHIRT: BOGIES Thai Silk (Vintage) ♠ PANTS: Topshop ♠ BAG: Nine West ♠ SHOES: Badgley Mischka ♠ SUNGLASSES: Guess

Again with the same shoes, I know you guys have seen them about a million times already, but I love them and they’re so dear to me that I just want to wear them all the time and never take them off!


I find it so funny that in a little town of 30 000 people, there are engagement parties and wedding every week. It’s like where do all these people getting married come from, not complaining, just wondering. Anyway it always makes for a good excuse to dress up.



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