Steal her style: Princess Diana

Hubs and I were heading out for dinner today just because I didn’t feel like cooking, so I thought perfect opportunity to have a pretty outfit on! And since I have made this into my mission this year, I am going to do a steal her style post. For today’s steal her style, I am going with someone who obviously was a style icon and will still continue to be despite the fact that she’s no longer around with us. Princess Diana was the epitome of grace, style and natural beauty. One of the remarkable things about her style is that she wasn’t afraid to go out there and dress how she wanted. Some outfits were super simple and others were extravagant and that’s what I love…opposite extremes. One of the prominent details that kept popping up in her outfits was her love for polka dots…she wore them in every possible color; green, red, white, black…you name it! So for today’s outfit, I decided to go about my closet and dress like Princess Diana for a day and it was quite entertaining with my big belly being in the way (it’s not really that big…but I am still not use to it, sometimes I forget it’s there). I have been super into oversized clothing this year, even before getting pregnant…there’s just something so effortlessly cool about this look.

Here’s how my outfit turned out:


I always like to have my shirts in a size or two bigger than my actual size, just because they’re useful for when I wear tight skinnies or miniskirts. So in the tops department, I am currently very good and there ain’t no need for me to buy any maternity tops.


I stole this polka skirt from mom’s closet a couple of weeks ago because I knew I would use it with my belly growing and all. I’m hogging mom’s closet for clothes till this baby pops out or until further notice (kinda loving it)! It’s super handy, plus I get to wear trendy clothes and I don’t spend a ton of money. Since it was still a little too big on me, I pinned it from the back so that it stays in place, over my belly, and so that it could give me the midi skirt vibes.


TOP: Topshop ♥ SKIRT: Laura II ♥ SHOES: Aldo ♥ SUNGLASSES: Claire’s ♥ BAG: Kate Spade ♥ NECKLACE: Gold-Damas

There are many ways that you can get inspired by Princess Diana’s wardrobe; she the inspiration to many designers and influencers in the industry. It was easier for me to put my own twist to it and so having the opposite polka dot colors on the top and bottom made it easier for me to feel comfortable. Having more room to breathe in my clothes is crucial these days and it was the perfect outfit for me, I feel like I found balance and style all at once. Going with flats was a better option for me today, because I wanted to be able to walk long without feeling tired. It was a pretty monochromatic look and adding the red bag just tied the whole look together. Super thrilled!





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