How to mix different prints: pregnancy edit!

Needed to play with some textures and patterns on this one and I love the way my outfit came out. So effortless! I feel like when I spend so much time working out and planning an outfit, it turns out just meh but when I am spontaneous, my outfit is va va voom. I haven’t worn this skirt in a while and I missed it, so I made an effort today to put it together in a somewhat of a decent outfit. Since the skirt doesn’t zip up all the way anymore, I needed to wear a longer shirt to cover up that up and what perfect way to pair it with a black and white striped shirt. You guys have this shirt a million and one times on my blog, it’s a staple piece for me and as long as it’s still in good condition, I will keep it and wear it proudly. When you love your pieces in your wardrobe, you feel so much more confident and that how I feel when I wear this shirt.


Since the outfit was a little loose all over, I knew I needed to cinch up my waist somehow to bring back some shape into my life. Then I remembered I have this vintage belt that’s super comfortable and adjusts to whatever width or length you want it to be, which is prefect for my belly! I need all the space to breathe!


Since I was still all out with my prints and patterns, I figured I could just go all the way and finish up my outfit with leopard print shoes and massive colourful earring. Because why not!?! I know that it make seem like a lot of print in one outfit, but I actually really loved how it came out and it really does feel effortless.


SHIRT: Mango ◊ SKIRT: Zara ◊ BELT: Unbranded (vintage) ◊ SHOES: Lord & Taylor ◊ EARRINGS: Aldo ◊ BAG: Aldo ◊ SUNGLASSES: Kate Spade



We were going out to a coffee shop for drinks and so it’s a dressy yet casual outfit and it was perfect for patio seating. The outfit gave me room to wiggle and be completely comfortable. It’s breathable and airy. What more could a pregnant lady ask for?


We have a couple of wedding to go to the next couple of weeks and so I feel like I could sport this look to one of these events. Perhaps change up the bag and go for a simple clutch or even the shoes to add even more length. That’s the beauty of fashion and dressing up; you can take the same clothes and recreate multiple different outfits depending on your mood!

So basically, you shouldn’t be afraid to mix different patterns together, as long as you are liking the end result! My look is a little bit more subtle because the patterns are in the same hues and tones, but I like the idea and would like to mix some more prints in the near future.



Pregnant and vegetarian

Yes that’s right, my pregnancy has turned me into a vegetarian mama. I was never a huge fan of meat to start with and I was a vegetarian for a couple of years when I was in college, so this really isn’t new to me but I was worried about my baby’s health. I had and still have loads of people bashing me because I cannot eat meat or poultry right now and it wasn’t a decision I made, it’s just how it ended up. And I quite often get asked if it’s because of my love for animals that I decided to turn vegetarian, um, not really! I do believe that there’s a food chain that exists and you can choose to follow suit or not…but my decision to become vegetarian was because I truly started hating the taste of animal produce. Every time I ate either meat or poultry, I ended up being either too nauseous, too sick or simply couldn’t digest it. Being in my fifth month of pregnancy, I am still worried that I am not eating enough good nutrients to give them to my baby. I searched loads of forums online to feel better about my condition but really couldn’t find anything helpful. I didn’t want to be classified as a bad mother even though the baby is not out yet! So, I spoke to my doctor who then reassured me that as long as I eat veggies and fruits that my baby will have enough nutrients to grow healthy, the only issue was my own health, because I could end up with major health issues after birth, he advised me to take extra vitamins to get my energy and health going. As long as you eat, he said, the good stuff will go directly to your baby through the placenta and he/she will grow healthy.


Because I didn’t want to end up sick after giving birth, I forced myself to eat hearty vegetarian recipes that included a lot of proteins and vitamins like dates, sweet potatoes, avocados and nuts. Now I cannot say I am completely vegetarian as I luckily started loving fish, which I hated once upon a time.


My cravings currently are mostly healthy food, which is so weird, because I always thought that women crave fast food or naughty treats. Although I do have the salt & vinegar chips cravings once in a while, I mostly want fresh lettuce and peaches. I don’t complain because that helps me maintain a steady energy level and keeps my health going. Plus on the good side, not that I really care, I haven’t gained that much weight up to now and so I am trying to enjoy that as much as possible because movement is easier.


So if you’re pregnant like me and worried about not eating meat or poultry, don’t worry too much, just eat a healthy and balanced diet filled with proteins, vitamins and antioxidants to keep your blood pumping and your energy flowing. And most importantly don’t listen to other people’s judgements; you do you as long as you and your baby are healthy.


A little bit of stripes…

Today was our anomaly baby scan and I was pretty nervous. We had to go all the way to Ramallah to make it happen as there aren’t any doctors available to do so in Jericho. I am not gonna lie but I was iffy all day and kindda unsure about everything and I needed to get the scan done and over with. I needed to know that my little baby is healthy and safe. Although we cannot control destiny, all you can do is pray and hope for the best. Hubs took the day off work so we can spend time together and then go to the doctor. We had a few walks and drinks and ended up having a quick lunch and I couldn’t have been happier than to spend the day with baby daddy. Ramallah was nice, warm and sunny and so we enjoyed walking and driving around the city. Although it is much busier than Jericho, it is nice to be stuck in traffic once in a while; it gives me Montreal vibes and I miss it quite a lot these days.

Today’s outfit was pretty simple. I opted for something light and fluid to make sure I didn’t get too heated…getting halfway through onto my pregnancy, my body temperature has been spiking and the heat waves are a real struggle. Not looking forward to menopause. Since I knew we were walking around, I opted for flats and here’s how the look came out:



SHIRT: Como Black ♠ PANTS: From a local shop in Jericho ♣ SHOES: From a local shop in Jericho ♥ BAG: Aldo ♦ SUNGLASSES: Kate Spade


The main reason why I bought these pants is because of the stripes! Obviously! For those who know me and have been following me for a while know that my obsession with stripes is unreal. I want to buy anything in stripes!


our doctor appointment passed successfully and now I can semi rest because I know that our little baby girl is going to be okay. Thank God!



A little bit orange!

We had a birthday party to go to and I felt like dressing light and colourful because the sun is shining and beaming. I don’t spend much time outside because I don’t want to end up with hyperpigmentation spots on my face but the days the I do go out in full sun, I take advantage of. Today is one of those days. The party was set to be outside and so, I wanted to work on my tan a little better and didn’t want any awkward lines on my face, with the veil and all, so what I ended up doing is wearing my veil in a turban style. Second trimester has been treating me well so far and i am taking full full advantage of dressing up and looking cute…I know that soon, that might change depending on the swelling and the size of my bump.


It’s already quite hot here in Jericho 29 degrees and so layering was not on the table. I ended up opting for a colourful button down shirt which gave me huge summer vibes and made me happy.


I got these slide sandals from a local shop here in Jericho. It was the last pair on the shelf and it was my size so I figured that it was a sign for me to “indulge” and by indulge I mean spend a whooping price of 18$. Such a splurge I tell ya! I haven’t shopped much recently, so it felt good to buy something new for the first time in a long while. I bought it not only because it’s cute but for the pure practicality of it. Being pregnant and having a bump is harder than I thought it would be when trying to tie your shoes. I have had to ask my husband’s help a couple of times to strap me in my shoes. God bless his little heart! So having slides during the summer time is super useful and fundamental really to easy dressing. Plus, they’re a good alternative to ugly flip-flips. Never wearing those in public!


SHIRT: Topshop ◊ PANTS: Buffalo (thrifted) ◊ SHOES: From a local shop in Jericho ◊ SUNGLASSES: From a local shop in Jericho ◊ EARRINGS: H&M


Sadly, and for obvious reasons, my regular jeans and pants no longer fit, however, I have managed to make them work by adding hair elastics to give them a little bit more extension. Not the greatest look, but it works and when you have a long top on, no one will ever notice. It’s a super subtle and effective way to wear your regular clothes during pregnancy.


Dressing up has always brought joy to me, but sometimes, I am demotivated easily by my surroundings and discouragements. Therefore, I am doing my best these days to have a different outfit every day and make it count; because I know that when baby comes, I won’t have too much time to pamper myself at first. Although, I am going to try and do my best to give both baby and I the time we deserve.



The pregnancy workouts edit!

Those who say that the second trimester is the honeymoon phase of the pregnancy and they are absolutely right! Since hitting the 17 weeks mark I have been feeling quite energetic and happy all over because I eat better and I don’t vomit my life away anymore. Not gonna lie, there are days where I feel like I am literally dying but most of the time I am up for everything and anything. But since I am getting a little heavier and a little wonkier and my joints hurt if I don’t move around too much, I have made it my mission to workout lightly every day for the next couple of months till the baby is out. I started with a little yoga and then transitioned to prenatal workouts. I found a couple that were interesting on YouTube but some were super intense and I feel like I do want to work out but not kill myself. Since the baby is low, I tend to have a little bit of bleeding here and there, so I don’t want to push myself to the point where something, God forbid, goes bad. It’s just simple 20 to 30 minutes workouts to get the blood pumping and the joints moving and oiled. It might seem like an everyday workout is insane and intense for being pregnant but trust me, it’s the perfect amount of movement you need to get your body and core strong in preparation of the delivery.


I have found these amazing videos from a beautiful lady called Amy from the YouTube channel Bodyfit by Amy. She’s very energetic, super lovable, interesting and pulls you into her workout routines to give you the maximum benefit with less pain and discomfort as possible. Her workouts vary depending on what you are looking for and what I like the most with Amy is that she gives you options while working out depending on your strength and your level of ease. I have been doing these routines for about a month now and I honestly cannot be happier that I have taken the chance on doing so. My joints feel better, my body is less achy and my energy is steady day in day out. I am content with the videos and workout routines and I tend to alternate between cardio, stretching, balancing and strengthening; I alternate between 3 videos and depending on the days and how I feel, I either push more or less without injuring myself. Stretching really does help with releasing the tension you start to feel in your hip area and that helps me sleep better at night. What’s great about finding Amy’s videos is that I can work out whenever I want from the comfort of my own home and plus, extra bonus, it’s absolutely free.

Here are the links to the 3 videos I currently use:

20 Prenatal Pilates Workout

25 Minute Prenatal Bodyweight Workout

30 Minute Prenatal Strength Workout

I think it is super important to move during your pregnancy because you’ll feel better and less sorry for yourself. With my own experience, I find that I am less angry with my pregnancy and I definitely enjoy it more because of the rise in my energy levels. My stamina is better and I am less breathless than before! I can go up the stairs without panting like a frantic dog. And, I deal with my emotions and hormones much better. My goal when I started training is to be skinny or the fittest in the world, it was more to keep my mental state happy and healthy. Couldn’t be happier and I suggest you looking into these videos because they’re really good!

Pregnancy edit: best purchases I’ve made!

I have shown you over the past couple of weeks some items I had added into my wardrobe to fit my newly growing body; especially in the pants department. I don’t really have a huge issue with my tops because I always tend to buy them one or two sizes bigger. I have been in love with the oversized look for a couple of year now! I tend to fitted clothes only on special occasion and only when I feel like my body is at its best. As for my pants on the other hand, I like them to fit me just right and I don’t like them too be too big because they give a really bad crotch area or ripples around the tights, which is a look you should always try to avoid.

Most of the items I ended up adding to my wardrobe were from Jordan…from the shop called MAX. They weren’t expensive and I know that I will wear them even after pregnancy because I didn’t shop for them at the maternity section. I truly think it’s quite the rip off to buy maternity jeans for 300$, I just can’t wrap my head around that. Insane! I bought that beautiful pink sweater that is going to get me through winter next year! That black maxi skirt which is super versatile and quite easy to wear. And these pants! Jersey I think is the best way to go when it comes to comfort in pregnancy; it’s loose, airy, comfortable and hugs you in all the right places!

I got these pants also from Max and got them in a size 12UK. I usually either wear 8 or 10 in UK sizing. SO got them bigger so that it accommodated my growing belly and so far so good. They are a little big but I pull them over my belly, so they stay in place! What I like is that they’re not boring at all and you can style them in many different creative ways.

Here’s how I styled them for a little brunch at the in laws:



DENIM SHIRT: Pink Woman ∴ TEE: Forever 21 Tupac and Biggie Smalls ∴ PANTS: Max ∴ SHOES: Badgley Mischka

Since they are a little too long for me and I didn’t feel like cutting them or tailor them; I wore heels! And yes, the same ones! Can you tell they’re my current obsession even though I have other heels that need some lovin’.


I wanted to keep it casual with a little bit of effortless chic, hence the high heels and the printed tee. I have had this graphic muscle tee for about 3 years now and it is still going strong! This look gives me a little bit of Rihanna vibes…she likes to wear super casual leggings or sweatpants with heels all the time.

If you guys are looking for similar items, as always, here are some pictures with links below!


Party look: pregnancy edit!

I am definitely starting to feel preggo…I am getting a little heavier and my movement is a little slower. Plus, my joints having been hurting me like crazy…that sort of joint pain you feel sometimes when it’s super super humid out, yeah that pain. It sometimes stops me from being energetic and even if I hit the 5 months mark, I still do feel extremely exhausted at time and a little bit nauseated; but it is honestly tolerable and I am okay to function. So today my husband pushed me to get dressed and go out with his to his friend’s engagement party, I mean yes I was all up for it, but at the same time I felt pretty sad because nothings fits me nicely in my closet at the moment. Since there was no time to borrow or shop for something, I dug really deep into my wardrobe and found these Topshop glittery trousers which I had bought a couple of months ago but never wore (tag was still on). I usually like my things to be looser on the bottom because I feel like I have huge hip…but really I don’t that much; I am just hourglass! Anyway, the pants were in a size 10UK, so I gave them a go and they fit me perfectly!!!! They even closed all the way and I didn’t need any extension, which felt pretty amazing! I mean, I really don’t care at this point if I end up with loads of stretch marks or how much weight I’ll gain, I am super not even thinking about it, but I feel a little sad that I don’t get to wear pretty things…I mean colors and fashion make me so much happier. I know I could compromise for the next 4 months that are left, but if I could sneak in a killer outfit here and there, once in a while, then why not?


I went with an all grey theme today…seems like it’s a new color I am loving at the moment! To bring a pop of color into a totally bland color scheme, I added some mustard and some burgundy…two other colors I love. I am having such a mustard moment and I wish I could buy everything mustard, but that would just be completely insane. So here’s how my little outfit turned out:



I was happy that my shirt was a little looser on my tummy area because it hid my bump perfectly and it didn’t completely give away the fact that I am pregnant. Sometimes I feel like I get looked at and classified as a physically challenged person and I know it comes from a good place. But having people telling me to stop carrying grocery bags or stop working out or stop standing so much is a little annoying…I mean, we are women, we are made strong and I will certainly not use my pregnancy as a crutch to become a lazy bum. Although sometimes it’s nice to veg out, but I find that I get more tired if I do nothing. Anyway, I love this shirt, it’s vintage silk Thai shirt that I got a couple of months ago from the Nova store in Hudson. It’s a little bit big on me, but it works out perfectly for my current state.



SHIRT: BOGIES Thai Silk (Vintage) ♠ PANTS: Topshop ♠ BAG: Nine West ♠ SHOES: Badgley Mischka ♠ SUNGLASSES: Guess

Again with the same shoes, I know you guys have seen them about a million times already, but I love them and they’re so dear to me that I just want to wear them all the time and never take them off!


I find it so funny that in a little town of 30 000 people, there are engagement parties and wedding every week. It’s like where do all these people getting married come from, not complaining, just wondering. Anyway it always makes for a good excuse to dress up.