The pink of the ball…

Is wedding season already?? Can’t believe we’re spring and it’s like almost April?? Where does the time go? Been a little bit absent from blogging these past few days; I was busy with life and prepping for my upcoming trip to Montreal and trying to spend as much time as possible with LE HUBS. So wedding season isn’t really a season here in Jericho, I mean there’s like wedding around my house almost every weekend and it’s so amusing to see what people do and what great lengths they go through to have the biggest wedding ever. To be honest, I was a total sucker for weddings and wanted to attend as many as I could, but lately, I’m just turned off by the crazy amount of money that people willingly spend on one day. I am not judging, my husband forced into having a big wedding myself, but like we could use that money for traveling and exploring the world. Anyway, I haven’t properly gone out for a while or at least hadn’t dressed up like a decent human for a couple of weeks. I am super casual these days and sometimes super sporty, tracksuits are my current best friend. So, of course I had to jump at the opportunity to go to a wedding and dress up and wear heels and makeup and all…

Since many of my current dresses don’t fit my belly well and make me uncomfortable, I decided to go with this:


As funny as it sounds, I felt super chic with my little belly, for the first time since I started this whole pregnancy adventure. There were many days, I’m not gonna lie, where I felt like a total shlump, but since passing the 16 weeks mark, I have regained a bit more energy and feel like I can conquer the world again. This pushed me to finally get out there, spruce up, dress up and have fun. I couldn’t be any happier with the result. I obviously went for a minimal makeup and had the main focus be the pink of my lips and my sweater; this color always make me seem more tanned than I actually am, which is always a plus!

I bought this sweater for the sole purpose of being comfortable with my pregnancy when I was in Jordan a couple of weeks ago. And no, I did not get that one from the maternity section. There’s this huge department/chain store (across the Middle East) called Max that has a ton of clothes for women, men and children…a little bit like Forever 21. Since moving to Palestine, I haven’t shopped for a long long time and I figured, since I am growing a belly here, I needed a few pieces that will carry me throughout the pregnancy and perhaps even after the pregnancy. I didn’t want anything too expensive, nor too cheap. I figure this store was a good start. I bought a couple of items and I want instantly happy with them because I knew I would keep using them after the baby is born. This pink sweater in particular caught my attention mainly for the color but also for the bright contrast embroidered on the sleeves. I rarely wear pink, so I thought this could be a very good re-introduction. I bought this from the regular department but got it in a size UK16. It would just be an oversized sweater once I pop the baby and I could just imagine this with a midi leather skirt or high waisted denims and sky high heels.


The skirt is also a Max purchase. It’s a very simple maxi black jersey skirt…perfect till the end of my pregnancy…it stretches and stretches and stretches for days and it would be perfect for the summer Montreal heat. Very light and airy. Always a win!


TOP: Max ◊ SKIRT: Max ◊ SHOES: Charles & Keith ◊ BELT: Vintage ◊ CLUTCH: Max


Since I didn’t want to be completely shapeless, I cinched up my waist with my favorite, which you have seen a million times already, vintage elephant belt. This piece is a define collectible, a keeper and perhaps even a family heirloom…will pass it down to my daughter and she will pass it to her daughter…To me, this is the epitome of timeless elegance; this belt always adds a je ne sais quoi to every outfit I wear. It’s super bam in your face but it doesn’t overpower the look. I found the perfect dupe for it and it’s another vintage belt and I wish I could buy it, but I can’t justify paying 576.51$ for it…even though it’s a CARTIER!!!!! I could just die!! But nope, I am very content with my 10$ vintage unbranded find.

As for the clutch, well this stole my heart the minute I saw it at the store. I knew immediately that I wanted to pair it with this sweater. The detailing on this little bad boy just makes my fingers happy…all that texture in one little clutch!!!! The colors are bomb. The shape is perfectly small to fit into your hand. The design is to die for. What more could a girl ask for???

All in all, I truly felt like a stylish lady at the wedding. Yes, I probably wasn’t the most overdressed (if you’re Arabic, you know how much glitter and shine you gotta for), but I was very pleased and very comfortable in my own skin.


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