A day at the Dead Sea

This weekend, we decided to go out in nature and spend the day soaking up the sun! We ended up just going for breakfast (more like brunch) at the Dead Sea. Since there’s still a little bit of wind and cold air, we couldn’t really swim. I mean there are those who do, but I didn’t want to get sick on top of being nauseous. So anyway, for those who don’t know what the Dead Sea is, here’s a little bit of an intro…basically it is a hyper-salty lake that is located between Jordan, West Bank and Israel and is the lowest place on earth. Due to its high concentration of salt, there are no living organisms or aquatic life present, hence the name! Don’t go in there with cuts or wounds, because it’s going to burn like hell!!! And try not to get the water in your eyes! It’s so salty it’s blinding. However, even though it sometimes stings, it is beneficial and therapeutic to swim in the Dead Sea because of its high level of mineral concentration; I can attest to that! After a few swims, my eczema healed! By swimming, I mean just sitting there and enjoying the view, because you basically just float. The high levels of salt make it close to impossible for your drown in the Dead Sea because the water is denser than the human body.




Not to get into too much political ramble, or any for that matter! Although the sea borders the West Bank, there isn’t really a place/resort available for Palestinians, it is all owned by Israelis and so we ended up going to the Neve Midbar Beach to spend the day (it is usually where we always end up going). It’s a nice little place and it has a restaurant, pools, shopping and souvenir area and a large seating area for families. You can even BBQ and shisha there. It’s a nice family friendly spot, but to be completely honest, I very much prefer the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea. I find it cleaner and the water much nicer. Nonetheless, you end up having heaps of fun at both sides! We ended up just having hummus dip with pita bread and fruits. We stayed there for a good 4 hours and we spend the most of our time walking around and enjoying the sun.


Because I knew we weren’t going to swim of walk around in the sand, I wanted to dress a little fancier than a normal beach day outfit. Went for the smart look but still made sure I was comfortable. So here’s what I wore and I am sure you guys have seen this shirt a million times on my blog. But it is sincerely a very good spring/summer shirt. It’s light, it’s colourful and it’s stylish…and extra bonus, it’s vintage!



SHIRT: Vintage (unbranded) ♠ PANTS: WDG (gifted) ♠ SHOES: Charles & Keith ♠ TIE: Vintage (unbranded) ♠ SUNGLASSES: Forever 21


I don’t like wearing this shirt without a belt, I like to further accentuate the peplum part, however, because my belly is growing slowly, belts now bother me and I can’t stand them so much. I decided to take one of my husband’s ties and put it around my waist and I really like the effect and color combo. It was a random selection, but I think it worked to my advantage. It was super easy for me to play around with it and tighten or loosen it to my own liking.

For being 14 weeks pregnant, I am quite lucky to still fit into my old clothes. I am not planning on buying any maternity wear and so I am super milking it! Or until the belly decided to properly pop. Right now, I am at that awkward phase where it just looks like I had too many burritos. But I think I might just add extensions to my pants and bottoms, rather than buying maternity wear.


I was happy I got to spend a good day with the hubs. I will be delivering in Canada…well going back there for a long while until he joins me. Although it will be very difficult for us to separate again (it took us 2 years to finally be together), but I know that what we’re doing is for the best. So having less than 3 months with him, I have to decided to enjoy every moment and argue less and just love him till he can’t deal with me anymore. We do have our moments and difficulties (marriage is not a breeze), but we are very happy together; we joke a lot, we laugh at each other a lot and we share everything together. Lucky and blessed are not big enough words to describe my relationship with my husband, but I guess they will be enough for now until I find the right descriptive words.







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