Wardrobe: My most worn items!

In today’s post, I am sharing with you my most loved and most worn items at the moment. These are the items in my closet that I reach for the most lately and here’s why I love them so much:

I got this bag a few months ago while visiting dad in Jordan. There’s a little boutique I always shop at whenever I am there, because I know that their products are quality and I know that their work ethic is there. The shop owners always partner with women’s shelters to have their embroidery and sewing done, and this is something I respect very much. These unprivileged women get the chance to showcase their talents in many ways and they get paid for it! So, knowing that the money you spend goes to the right place is gratifying and rewarding. This is a bag that I will cherish forever! I wear it almost daily and if I change, I end up going back to it. First of all, it’s handmade; second of all, it is very big and fits everything, including your kitchen sink! I pair it with everything and in almost every outfit; I use it as a statement piece.


Ever since my mom handed me those jeans, I have been entrapped into an endless love affair. I cannot seem to go back to my skinnies and I feel the jealousy in the air! These Buffalo thrifted jeans are my world currently and I love them too damn much; I am sure you have noticed how much I wear them. They’re a current staple in my wardrobe and I wear them almost daily. The straight leg cut make them much more comfortable than my skinnies and they give me room to sit, move and dance freely.

Now I have a huge love-hate relationship with this particular item, purely because I cannot understand the wideness of the collar. I got this Adidas sweater 3 years ago and I loved it then…then I put it in the deepest corner of my wardrobe because I hated it. Then recently, I changed my mind, and now we’re back on track. I love it! I love the shape of it and I appreciate the asymmetrical design that Adidas went with. It’s enigmatic and I love how everyone thinks I’m wearing it all wrong…and everyone thinks it has Campbell soup cans print all over!! LOLZ! Except the print reads: “rundmc”; a 80s American hip-hop group from Queens. Adidas has always been and always will be my favourite sportswear brand. This has been my go-to sweater for the past 2 months.


I have spoken about them in a previous post, so I won’t go into too much detail here, but these Adidas trainers has been with me everywhere lately. I wore them so much, that I can see the wear in them. They’re the perfect stylish, lazy girl shoe and they’re versatile and go with everything from dresses to smart pants. I am trying to preserve them as much as I can and keep them alive as much as I can…so I washed them out and now they’re currently hiding in my closet just for a seasonal break. I am sure they will be back full force once spring is back!


This necklace is the one I reach for the most from my jewellery collection’ maybe for sentimental reasons, however, it seriously does give any outfit life. This antique sterling silver necklace was a gift from my sister’s father-in-law for my wedding and I am touched that he even thought of me. It’s precious and I will forever treasure it in my heart and on my neck! I wear it will almost everything!


This faux leather jacket I got from a sample sale at Dynamite has been the only jacket I have been wearing for the past 2 months to the point where it started shedding. No joke! I like that it’s edgy and that it’s fitted but not too much where you can’t breathe. It gives shape with a touch of badass attitude and the color is feminine and classy. Besides, I went on and on about the merits and importance of a leather jacket in many previous posts. Leather jackets are a great versatile piece that can do from day to night and they even can be eloquent enough to wear to soirees.


For the moment, these are the items I have been reaching for…for the past couple of weeks and I’m sure they’ll continue to be staples in my day to day wardrobe.



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