Styling the oldest piece I own in my closet!

Today’s outfit features the oldest item I own in my wardrobe (er, one of the oldest). This piece is one I purchased in my college days back in 2004 from a Canadian brand store called Dynamite. That summer, bohemian style was big and I knew I needed to add a piece in my wardrobe that screamed just that! I’m a gypsy for life! I always had a penchant for anything bohemian; flowy peasant blouses, wide leg pants, layered maxi skirts and all the beautiful colors that come with these things. This blue color block skirt was my best friend that summer; I wanted to wear it everywhere and boy I did! Back at 16, this was a huge investment for me, paying it full price (I think it was probably around the 50$ mark) was a stepping stone, heck it was a rite of passage! I had a measly job back then and could only afford college and books…so shopping was a little forbidden for me back then, but I couldn’t resist. So for today’s outfit, I thought it would be interesting to wear this skirt again and style it differently, way differently from back then. I went a little rogue today and was carless in terms of fit and proportions. I wanted to experiment with the oversized style that I see so much of on Instagram, which I totally love by the way!


I have been a little too obsessed with anything gray at the moment, so much so that I even bought gray pillows for our living room. Yikes! This was the perfect opportunity for me to put gray into the mix and wear this oversized sweater I stole from my husband’s closet. No I am not giving it back if that’s what you’re asking. I wore it to death since I stole it from him!!!!


I wanted to add color somewhere and I didn’t want it to be too subtle nor too out there and mixing orange the palette was a good option; I find that it compliments blue so well. Since my neckline felt so bare, I added this antique necklace to go with the gray/blue theme going, but for some reason I still felt bare and so I figured why not also add a vintage colourful scarf to make things even crazier?


To be completely honest, when I was going through this outfit in my mind, it looked absolutely ridiculous, but seeing it live makes me happy; I actually like the end result. It’s chic in a super laid back way.



NECK SCARF: Stefano Guidi (vintage) ♥ NECKLACE: Antique (gift) ♥ SWEATER: Unbranded ♥ SKIRT: Dynamite ♥ SUNNIES: Rayban ♥ BAG: Danier leather


I find that having more free time, lately, is giving me a little bit more game and freedom to piece together the weirdest things. It is a new side of me that I like; scary is good.


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