Shades of gray

I wanted to dress fancy today and for no reason other than to make myself happy. I sometimes overdress and overdo it and it seems to bother some, but I don’t really care much for what people think. So, I went monochrome (ish), I went all shades of gray or so. I am currently obsessing over this color. I maybe be overdoing it, but who cares, just dress how you feel, right?! I am wearing all over vintage; items I have purchased back in October from the Nova shop in Hudson. I know I talk about this shop all the freaking time, but they sincerely do have awesome finds. If you happen to pass by that area, go check it out, you won’t regret it! I found a beautiful silk shirt and I have been wanting to wear it for a while but I was afraid to ruin it. You know when you buy something precious and you want to wear it, but don’t at the same time, because it’s too precious and you do want to use it because you want to keep it forever? Yeah, I always have those guilt feelings about new items I purchase. Today, I decided to take it out to see the light and what perfect way to pair it with another vintage grey skirt, also from Nova. It’s a silk skirt too and it’s soooo hard to iron sometimes as it easily wrinkles, so I tend to only keep it for special occasion, well up until today. I paired the two items together and was happy with the result, but since it was a little toooo gray, I added a little bit of gold for some royal oomph. Because why not Kate Middleton my way through the day!!!

I really do love this skirt, but I feel like it’s giving me puffy Michelin man vibes; there are loads of pleats around the waist and I feel like maybe I’m overly voluptuous. I think that this particular skirt would look amazing on a taller person because then the weights and proportions work.


PS: I kinda like the contrast between my chic outfit and the graffiti wall, isn’t is so artistic?


To tone down the insane amounts of gray, I added a pop of burgundy in there with the shoes; my engagement shoes! I have had them for close to 5 years now and they’re holding strong. I think I paid a hefty amount of 50$ for them at The Bay store. They’re super comfy and super fashionable; I mean come on, velvet!



SHIRT: Bogies Thai Silk (vintage) ♠ SKIRT: New York Jones (vintage) ♠ SHOES: Expression ♠ BAG: Nine West Clutch ♠ BELT: Zara ♠ SUNNIES: Unbranded from a Jeircho local shop


I know I have worn this clutch bag already in the previous outfit post, but I don’t give a hoot because it’s a gift from my sister and I love it so much. I guess it could be considered newer vintage, since I have already had it for a good 10 years and it still looks pretty new.


I’m quite content with this look. I would wear it to parties or on a regular day (like today!) and I feel like you can never go wrong with gray, it complements every skin tone perfectly. It’s a neutral color, so it goes with everything. I know that that I will get a lot of wear out of this shirt, because it’s smart, so you can easily dress it up or down and make it work to any event you are going to attend. And for 10$ I say I pretty much got a great deal. Worth every buck!






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