Date night: What I wore

Friday night is date night. The only day my husband gets off work and the time I properly get to enjoy him and annoy him all at once. I mean what’s the beauty of marriage if we don’t constantly argue and get one each other’s last nerves. That gives us a chance to kiss and makeup and go on dates. We’re not much partiers, hubs and I, but we do go the occasional date, you know here and there. We are rather old souls and much prefer spending time at home watching a documentary or playing on the PS3. However, when we get in the mood, we like to go out in style and enjoy our outing to the max. We don’t like to go to crammed places; but we choose quiet locations to be able to talk without having to scream at each other across the table or having to use the tin can telephone to communicate. We usually like to sit beside each other and talk about our hopes and dreams and even reminisce about the good old days of our childhoods.

We went to the chicest restaurant in Jericho…I kindda wish I had taken pictures of it. We sat outside on the patio and enjoyed to breeze and the smell of the fresh air away from the city. We almost always go there, because it quiet and peaceful and plus the prices aren’t that expensive. For a once a month outing, we do pretty good! Since we were sitting outside for the night, I opted to wear a sweater to avoid getting too cold and, boy oh boy did I make the right decision. The air here is not that strong and not that crispy cold, but because of the dry desert setting, it does get into the bones, if you know what I mean.

For date night, I would say I kept it pretty casual and sported jeans…because ain’t got no time for dresses or fancy pants:


I felt like wearing delicate colors however-but the only delicate I own is this. I bought this sweater a little over a year ago from Forever 21 and I thoroughly enjoy wearing it. It’s comfortable, it’s stylish and super feminine, plus I love that it has a tiny bit of a turtle neck going- ya know girl’s gotta stay warm! And since this was there to protect my neck, I figured a little turban doesn’t hurt anyone because I so wanted to wear my colorful Aldo earrings I got on our honeymoon trip.

*I only purchased 3 items of this trip and the earrings were on of them *


They remind me of a very beautiful and colorful Mexican Aztec painting. I dig that and I am sure to get a lot of wear out of them. I am just trying to find the right excuses to sport them on the daily. I wouldn’t even mind having them on at home, that’s how much I love them. But, at the same time, I feel like they’re so precious I don’t want to wear them that often to keep them intact for as long as possible. You know that feeling I am talking about???? Do you guys ever feel that with new items??


SWEATER: Forever 21 ◊ JEANS: Buffalo (thrifted) ◊ BELT: Calvin Klein ◊ EARRINGS: Aldo ◊ BAG: Coach ◊ SHOES: Call it Spring.


I, of course, needed to wear my current favorite pair of jeans. They’re straight leg jeans and you have seen them over and over for the past few weeks in my blog. No shame here, at all. I love the fit, the straight, but not boyfriend nor mum, cut makes this pair perfect enough to wear on a date or even for a smart evening (depending of the choice of top you go for).

I am super very picky when it comes to finding the perfect pair of jeans and I was searching high and low for a straight leg jean for months now. I got a bit sick of the sprayed on skinny jean look. I was looking for comfort, but didn’t want to spend too much money. Then this guy happened and my mom got it for me, she just knows me so well! I won’t even be able to tell you where to buy a pair of these denims as they are thrifted and I just pimped them up to my own liking. But I can tell you that these Moto Straigth Leg Raw Hem Jeans from Topshop kinda have the same feel, if anyone is interested.










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