All black everything

Snap back to reality…after 3 wonderful weeks spent in the beautiful Canada, we are back here to Jericho. Weather is still warmish…I mean it’s still 30 degrees out there, but the air isn’t as dry and there’s a little more breeze. I would say it’s pretty comfortable for the moment. They call that fall…but me on the other hand, I am still holding on the summer. I had a meeting to go to today and decided to dress a little smart but didn’t feel like doing color.

So here I am dressed up in all black everything:



SHIRT: Helly (Turkish Made) ♦ PANTS: Free People skinnies ♦ SHOES: Aldo Cauwiel velvet flat mules ♦ SUNNIES: From a local shop here in Jericho

Can we take a moment and admire my little velvet flat mules. I had my eyes on them for a while on the Aldo website…but couldn’t justify paying over 100$ for them…and so I waited and waited patiently until they went to sale. I bought them whilst in Montreal last month and haven’t taken them off since I got them. They’re super comfortable, honestly;  feels like wearing nothing at all!!!


And…what I love even more about this outfit is the shirt. It’s a light knit sweater with a pleated chiffon it looks as though I have 2 shirts…love the effect it gives. Smart yet casual.

Last but certainly not least, these sunnies are the bomb, I got them for a local shop here in Jericho and they were the last pair…pretty sure it’s from’s unbranded, but it really doesn’t matter to me…because they still look fab! They have a certain vintage-y feel to them, which is why I needed them in my life.


So…meeting went fine, wasn’t the best…but the outcome is what matters. Sometimes, I find that I have struggles expressing myself in Arabic and so maybe the people I deal with aren’t as enthusiastic as I would like them to be.

Regardless, I enjoyed my outing and took advantage of the sun!

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