A little visit to Quebec City

To start our tour of Atlantic Canada, we decided to hit up Quebec City first…one of the oldest cities in Canada, it’s 409 years old and it is filled with history. How can my husband come to Canada and not see Quebec. So, to start off our honeymoon, we passed a good 5ish hours strolling around the city and exploring the views.


We started off our little Quebec journey at the Château Frontenac. This hotel was a former castle housing the British governors. It’s seriously massive and pictures don’t do it justice. It have 600 rooms and 18 floors! Can you believe it?!!! Annddd it’s an old building dating from 1893. So much history!



We then walked along the boardwalk and enjoyed the view. The day we arrived, there were loads of tourists from all over the world. It was such an amazing sight to see…everyone was excited and curious to discover new things.






After taking in the beautiful view of the Saint Lawrence River, we went about the old city and the views are magnificent…the building have been obviously maintained and reworked for the past years but the main design and division of the old city are both visible. Hubs fell in love with the history of the country and sitting on those little bench in the old city, you can almost feel its history and relive the past. It’s so fascinating to see how the city is modern but still maintains its heritage. Quebec city was founded by the French explorer Samuel de Champlain and you can definitely see the settlement regions everywhere. We unfortunately didn’t have too much time to see the Citadelle (fort and official military installation)….but we totes took the time to visit the Montmorency Falls and this is exactly what I wanted my husband to see..nature’s true beauty and force.

It got a little colder and gloomier getting to the falls but that didn’t stop us from walking around the park and going to the suspended bridge to see the falls up close….

PS: I was super happy to catch this rainbow…look at how florescent it looks in the dark!



Hubs was beyond touched and flabbergasted…he couldn’t have possibly imagine ever seeing something this magnificent in person. He always saw these things in picture and I guess he thought that he would never have the chance to see the “outside” world…past the borders of Palestine. But we he did finally arrive to this place, I could see how overwhelming it was for him and how touched he was to discover nature’s beauty. I was very proud at the moment to have take the time to show him these falls.

I wish I could give a chance to every human out there to see what we see here everyday in Canada. Freedom is something I truly believe in and I wish that there weren’t boundaries for some people…because without freedom, there is no possibility of change.

And like the great Khalil Gibran said: “Life without freedom is like a body without a soul”. And it is so true..without it, you feel paralyzed. Seeing my husband’s eyes while discovering life is a truly touching experience because it taught me that I shouldn’t take anything I have for granted.

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