Black Friday: the buy nothing day!

  I have been bombarded all weekend with email after email after email from stores about huge black Friday discount codes and saving coupons....then I couldn't help but get a little frustrated with how much society has transitioned to focus on material goods to bring us happiness and stuffing consumerism down our throats like it's [...]

All black everything

Snap back to reality...after 3 wonderful weeks spent in the beautiful Canada, we are back here to Jericho. Weather is still warmish...I mean it's still 30 degrees out there, but the air isn't as dry and there's a little more breeze. I would say it's pretty comfortable for the moment. They call that fall...but me [...]

Next stop…Fredericton

.....our second stop in our little honeymoon was Fredericton! The capital of New Brunswick. We were thrilled to have finally crossed the little border from Quebec to NB and we could't wait to discover what's out there. Fredericton was a new for both him and I. We slept in Fredericton and so we took more [...]