Puffy and fluffy in Gatineau

We had the chance to go to Gatineau this weekend to see Mosaicanada…unfortunately it was the last weekend to see the most beautiful and spectacular horticultural celebration. It was in honor and a tribute to the art of mosaic culture and to Canada’s 150th anniversary. My husband and I fell in love with it. Spectacular doesn’t even begin to cover it…the fact that so many wonderful people worked hard to put this together is just so amazing. The exhibit was memorable and exciting. We then spent the time to explore Ottawa and my husband loved it. He’s so cute when he crosses something new and discovers a new things…I just want to protect him and keep him in my pocket. He’s super adorable

It was a little chiller for us that day and so we dressed a little bit warmer than usual and this is how my outfit came out…



JACKET: Danier ♠ TOP: Fluffy sweater for a local Jordan shop ♠ PANTS: Free People skinnies ♠ SHOES: Converse ♠ SUNGLASSES: Prada ♠ NECKLACE: Antique from Jerusalem ♠ BAG: Diesel

I know I am obsessing over this Danier jacket…but I have missed it so much as I left it behind here in Canada and wasn’t able to wear it over the summer either. So, I am a little bit abusive and I am wearing it as much as I can so I can get it out of my system.


It was the cutest trip, although sometimes the hubs got me a little frustrated (as I did him), but all in all, it was a great one and it made me happy to see hubs excited. When you see the happiness in your lover’s eye, nothing else matters. It’s only you and him/her and the moment you spend together!

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