Black & Gold

This has to be one of my favorite outfits to wear; it’s light, it’s chic, it’s slick and super fancy without being too over the top. I love love love this skirt from Zara, I got it for last winter in a sales event but only wore it once before this time. My husband took me on a shopping spree and insisted I buy something, he wouldn’t take no for an answer..and so I ended up buying the shirt I am wearing today along with this skirt. I guess I should jump over the opportunity of shopping super easily as it is sometimes rare that men push you to buy something…they usually like for you to save!

Anyway, I also thought, this is the perfect opportunity to my monochromatic and just do black & gold…felt like it so here’s how my outfit came out:

Since I was doing this color scheme….it totes was the right moment for me to bust out my elephant vintage belt, which I ended up fixing! YAY!! It’s like my favorite piece I own..and people always compliments me when I wear it…and I love it when I get to say it’s vintage!



SHIRT: Koton Δ SKIRT: Zara Δ BELT: Vintage Δ SANDALS: Charles & Keith Δ BAG: Nine West Δ SUNNIES: Aldo


To keep with the same color tones, I decided to wear this clutch bag from Nine West. Hubs and I ended up going for a supper date and a walk around town. We had massive burgers and it was freaking amazing. This outfit was super perfect for that occasion, a little feminine in my not so feminine way of eating burgers.


I felt super chic in this number…a little bit like a French girl event. This outfit has a little Parisian flare to it and it makes me so happy…I know it’s a little gloomy and dark, color-wise, but I felt pretty free in it. This is what I always look for when I dress up…feeling happy and free!!!


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