Saying goodbye to summer…ootd

As fall is slowly approaching, I am taking every second I have to wear happy and colorful clothes. I am not dreading fall by any means (it’s my favorite season), but I know I can’t take out my pink pants out or my favorite white jeans out…Hubbs and I took the time off from everything and had a little mini vacation for ourselves. I think it’s really important to just focus on each other as a couple because life gets in the way and we don’t enjoy the little things. He’s a lawyer, so obviously, he’s super busy and sometimes has late night meetings, so whatever time off we have, it’s a blessing. It’s starting to get a little bit comfortable here in Jericho. I mean sometimes it’s still scorching hot, but for the most part, there’s a slight breeze in the morning and night. I have had this kimono from Zara for a couple of years now…as many of my pieces in my wardrobe, I tend to keep the ones I truly cherish in good condition and wear them for years to come. There’s no need to throw things away if they’re in good shape. I don’t know how some people do, buying new items every season…how do they fit everything in their closets and how can they just throw things out…it almost feels painful to do so. I tend to pass things on the friends, family or give them up to charity…but I always make sure that whatever it is I give out is still in wonderful condition. Anyway, all that to say that this kimono has been with me for a little while and whenever I get the chance or feel like it, I’ll wear it out..just as I did today.


Here’s what I wore it with…


KIMONO: Zara ¤ MUSCLE TEE: New Look ¤ JEANS: Free People ¤ SHOES: Charles & Keith ¤ SUNNIES: Brigitte Bardot VINTAGE ¤ BAG: Danier leather


It was just the perfect outfit for this kinda day. I had enough room to be comfortable yet stylish. The kimono kept me warm under the shade and cool enough in the sun. Just like the kimono, this muscle tee has been with me since my travels in Morocco…it is a shirt I decided to buy out of rebellion, thinking that I was super badass (at the time) buying a skull printed shirt. Since this piece brings back so many wonderful memories, I kept it with me….yes, I kept it for memories sake sometimes.


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