Black & Gold

This has to be one of my favorite outfits to wear; it’s light, it’s chic, it’s slick and super fancy without being too over the top. I love love love this skirt from Zara, I got it for last winter in a sales event but only wore it once before this time. My husband took me on a shopping spree and insisted I buy something, he wouldn’t take no for an answer..and so I ended up buying the shirt I am wearing today along with this skirt. I guess I should jump over the opportunity of shopping super easily as it is sometimes rare that men push you to buy something…they usually like for you to save!

Anyway, I also thought, this is the perfect opportunity to my monochromatic and just do black & gold…felt like it so here’s how my outfit came out:

Since I was doing this color scheme….it totes was the right moment for me to bust out my elephant vintage belt, which I ended up fixing! YAY!! It’s like my favorite piece I own..and people always compliments me when I wear it…and I love it when I get to say it’s vintage!



SHIRT: Koton Δ SKIRT: Zara Δ BELT: Vintage Δ SANDALS: Charles & Keith Δ BAG: Nine West Δ SUNNIES: Aldo


To keep with the same color tones, I decided to wear this clutch bag from Nine West. Hubs and I ended up going for a supper date and a walk around town. We had massive burgers and it was freaking amazing. This outfit was super perfect for that occasion, a little feminine in my not so feminine way of eating burgers.


I felt super chic in this number…a little bit like a French girl event. This outfit has a little Parisian flare to it and it makes me so happy…I know it’s a little gloomy and dark, color-wise, but I felt pretty free in it. This is what I always look for when I dress up…feeling happy and free!!!


Saying goodbye to summer…ootd

As fall is slowly approaching, I am taking every second I have to wear happy and colorful clothes. I am not dreading fall by any means (it’s my favorite season), but I know I can’t take out my pink pants out or my favorite white jeans out…Hubbs and I took the time off from everything and had a little mini vacation for ourselves. I think it’s really important to just focus on each other as a couple because life gets in the way and we don’t enjoy the little things. He’s a lawyer, so obviously, he’s super busy and sometimes has late night meetings, so whatever time off we have, it’s a blessing. It’s starting to get a little bit comfortable here in Jericho. I mean sometimes it’s still scorching hot, but for the most part, there’s a slight breeze in the morning and night. I have had this kimono from Zara for a couple of years now…as many of my pieces in my wardrobe, I tend to keep the ones I truly cherish in good condition and wear them for years to come. There’s no need to throw things away if they’re in good shape. I don’t know how some people do, buying new items every season…how do they fit everything in their closets and how can they just throw things out…it almost feels painful to do so. I tend to pass things on the friends, family or give them up to charity…but I always make sure that whatever it is I give out is still in wonderful condition. Anyway, all that to say that this kimono has been with me for a little while and whenever I get the chance or feel like it, I’ll wear it out..just as I did today.


Here’s what I wore it with…


KIMONO: Zara ¤ MUSCLE TEE: New Look ¤ JEANS: Free People ¤ SHOES: Charles & Keith ¤ SUNNIES: Brigitte Bardot VINTAGE ¤ BAG: Danier leather


It was just the perfect outfit for this kinda day. I had enough room to be comfortable yet stylish. The kimono kept me warm under the shade and cool enough in the sun. Just like the kimono, this muscle tee has been with me since my travels in Morocco…it is a shirt I decided to buy out of rebellion, thinking that I was super badass (at the time) buying a skull printed shirt. Since this piece brings back so many wonderful memories, I kept it with me….yes, I kept it for memories sake sometimes.


Pink Panther: OOTD

I felt like dressing smart today and so I did. Since I don’t have an office job anymore or do official meetings, I am always in jeans because it’s easy and it’s comfortable. I sometimes find that I miss dressing smart and look like a grown-up. I love these pants so freaking much…but since the wedding and moving and all, I have lost a little bit of weight…especially around the hips and so they fit me so much looser than they did before. I love them still and today I wore them…and the theme is all pink, just because I was happy and needed to translate that into what I wore. I find it so fascinating that feelings and emotions can be affected based on what we wear and vice versa. Happiness comes from within, sure, but sometimes there are others things around us that help; like dressing up!

I am happy so today I am the Pink Panther….

PANTS: Topshop ♠ SHIRT: Topshop ♠ SANDALS: Topshop ♠ EARRINGS: H&M ♠ SCARF: Thrifted ♠ SUNGLASSES: Aldo



Since I recently ended the no denim challenge, I feel like I am reaching out for my non-denim pieces a lot more. I guess I have forced myself enough to stay out of casual pieces that I now crave to be in something dressy. Bottom line is that dressing up is not as hard as we all think, you just have to be bold and creative. It’s not about matching, it’s about mixing colors, patterns and pieces. Your wardrobe should totes be a party space…a celebration to who you are, who you want to be and how you want people to see you.




No Denim challenge: Day 7 (OOTD)

As the final day of the no denim challenge hits, momma decided to hit full throttle and go full out and dress as though she going to dinner with Tom Hanks (hints of exaggeration right here…but that’s pretty fancy for where I was going). I wanted to have my last outfit be cool and chic and complex yet simple. So, I thought about layering in volumes; airy and breezy. I also wanted the whole look to be monochrome (sorta) but with a pop of red on my lips. I haven’t worn red lips in a while and was in the mood for them. Red lips, for some reason, always give me an extra added power and confidence.



TOP: Ipekzade (from Turkey) ♠ PANTS: Zara ♠ SHOES: Aldo ♠ BELT: Vintage ♠ BAG: Nine West ♠ EARRINGS: Etsy

I love how the top when cinched in with the bet created a similar kind of waves as the pants and this is exactly how I envisioned the outfit to be. I didn’t want to stray off too far away from the colors I was wearing and so I added this faux snake leather clutch from Nine West. I could potentially consider this as a vintage piece because I own it since 2005. My sister got it for me as a gift when I was in university and looking for special pieces to build my “adult/party” wardrobe with. Love you sissy! She always knows what I love and gets me the coolest pieces.

Although this challenge was pretty awesome and wearing no denim forced me to be completely creative and a little out of my lazy comfort zone, it feels great to end it as well. I miss my jeans and I am ready to go back to them for a little bit now.

Dressing up always adds a little something special in my gives me confidence and a boost to face the world and follow my dreams.

No Denim challenge: Day 6 (OOTD)

There was a slight hiatus in my documentation of no denim outfit simply because I feel ill and had my birthday and Eid and we ended up going to Jordan for a while (a little break from life) and the sorts…oh and food poisoning (ugh! the worst thing ever!!). Soo, I took a  break from everything until I got fully better and here’s what I decided to wear. It was my birthday, which basically meant I could get away with pretty much anything…therefore, it was the perfect timing for me to get onto the PJ trend and sport it outside the limits of my bedroom and house. I bought this gorgeous PJ set from Victoria’s Secret a little while ago and fell in love with it purely for the print! It’s so freaking pretty and comfortable. Sooooo, I thought, why not give it a go and see how things turn out and I must admit it looks kinda badass and I liked it! Ok, I would maybe not repeat it any time soon, but I would wear it again some other time in this lifetime.


and here’s how this no denim outfit turned out:


I didn’t feel weird wearing PJs out…I mean I rarely go out with legging or anything remotely close to loungewear…but for some reason I didn’t feel like this particular set felt too homey. The print is happy and exciting and the fabric is silky and soft. Victoria’s Secret has the nicest pyjamas and lingerie, but I would never pay full price and when I saw this set on sale, I took advantage!


PJ Set: Victoria’s Secret ◊ SUNNIES: Aldo ◊ BAG: Aldo ◊ SHOES: Charles & Keith ◊ VEIL: Voile Chic ◊ MUSCLE TEE: Forever 21

I feel like so many companies are getting these PJ inspired pants and shirts out that I can get away with wearing these out more often separately (especially the pants…have you seen how freaking awesome the print is???).

I feel what made this look a little less prancy and out there is the fact that I added a printed tee under the shirt. It just made everything super laid back and chill but still super badass with the heels. Besides, adding a little 2pac is always a plus!