No Denim challenge: Day 5 (OOTD)

For today’s no denim outfit…I wanted to hit me some boho chic vibes; a little bit of texture, a little bit attitude and a lot of color. I was able to add a lot of my personality into this outfit. I think it’s the outfit the describes me the most this week; full of energy, full of life and color…free-spirited and just overall wild. I felt very in my zone today…no real, hard efforts and deep thought went into today’s outfit…it just came to me naturally. I am a natural born flower child…a nomad and a gypsy. So, with the help of my wonderful husband, I was able to document today’s cool outfit. He definitely knows how to take some good snaps without me looking.

TOP: Dynamite (turtleneck) ¦KIMONO: Forever 21 ¦ PANTS: Pink Woman (Jordan) ¦ SHOES: Jessica Simpson ¦ BAG: My own design ¦ SUNGLASSES: Brigitte Bardot (vintage) ¦ EARRING: Crystal Couture


I have had these silky peachy trousers for a good 3 years now and only wore them once…I feel like it’s such a hard color to wear sometimes, just like white, because it gets dirty pretty fast. I am a little clumsy when it comes to not spilling things around. This is why I don’t trust myself wearing these beautiful pants so often. Since I am on this denim ban, it was the perfect timing to get these pants out of the darkness and into the light. Best decision ever, because I forgot how beautiful they are and how comfortable and soft they feel. I paired them with a floral kimono for Forever 21..which I got in a sale a couple of season ago..I like to keep my clothes, I have this thing where I try not to throw out the things I love…I still have things from high school! Like a cool denim jacket dad bought me as a present…anyway, so this kimono has been in my closet for a while and I wore it a ton and will continue to wear it.

I didn’t want to be overly draped in fabric and so this is why I decided to wear my veil as a turban today…and since I felt naked in the ear/neck area, I decided to accessorise a little and wear chandelier earring I bought on the Crystal Couture website  few month ago. They’re perfect for me to wear whenever I have some sort of event or whenever my ears feel too naked like today.

This clutch holds a special place in my heart as it’s my design and it has my name written on it in Arabic. I have had these made with the help of wonderful women in Jordan for a collection I launched a few season ago in Vancouver. I sold most of them but kept this one because it was a gift to myself as a stepping stone into the wonderful world of fashion.



Out of all the no denim outfits so far, I would say this one is my favorite as it truly does represents me; colourful and joyful!



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