No Denim challenge: Day 4 (OOTD)

It’s day 4! Woot, I am loving this challenge. I can totes do this forever. Okay, maybe not forever, but this is such a challenge and it’s keeping me super excited to come up with new outfits without involving denim. Today, hubs and I were invited for supper and his cousin’s and so I knew I wanted to wear a dress. I bought this dress a little over 3 months now and didn’t have the chance to take it out for a spin. We were in Jordan for Eid to visit my parents and so I got it for free when I bough that military jacket from Monsoon. I love that store so much and I wish there was one here…but I either shop online or go to Jordan.

They obviously no longer have this dress in stock because it was part of the Ramadan collection. I am so glad I was able to get it because of the length and the print and obviously the pockets! A dress with a pocket is always a plus!

I love the magnolia flowers print on the dress, I find it perfect enough to where it doesn’t swallow me….I sometimes get scared from larger print all over 1 item because it can be overwhelming sometimes…but this was just the right amount!

I didn’t want to do a jacket because it’s too hot still in Jericho and I didn’t want to be boiling even though the sun was down. I went for a bodysuit instead and wore in under the dress. I just looked like the sleeves were plain on the dress which is always a good option for those who struggle with sleeveless items…okay, maybe not always a good option, but most of the time it is.


DRESS: Monsoon ♠ BODYSUIT: from a small local boutique in Jordan ♠ Shoes: Asos  ♠ BAG: Danier leather ♠ NECKLACE: Silver, custom made from Khan el-Khalili (Egypt)


I wanted to accessorise, but didn’t want to go crazy, since the dress is already too busy. I added this necklace, which I got as a wedding gift from my brother in law’s father. It’s such a special piece because it’s custom made and it’s from Egypt. If ever any of you get to visit Egypt, you need to hit the shops in Khan el-Khalili. It’s basically the mother of all the souks out there…it’s busy, it’s crazy and it’s full of beautiful finds..from silver to souvenirs to spices and all…it’s a must see!

When it comes to shoes, I decided to recall the pink in the flowers and make a little bit of a contrast, so I wore my favorite pink glittery kitten heels from Asos. They’re good enough of a heel but not too high where you can walk long distances. ..which hubs and I did to go visit his cousin.

As for the bag, I wore the coolest one I own…a bag I bought a little bit before Danier decided to close down. It’s leather, it’s grey and so it works out perfect with any outfit.


So what did you guys think of my day 4 outfit…there’s 3 more outfits to come for my no denim challenge and I can’t wait to share them with you!

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