Running errands: OOTD

It’s Wednesday and it is also known as running errands day…So when you know you’ve got lots of running to do, you simply cannot compromise comfort…but style, that you can totes keep. I always try to keep that in mind…dressing up is super awesome and fun, so why not dress up when running errands too? So this is how I decided to hit up downtown today…


This is a pretty simple and comfortable outfit. I feel like I did not sell my style short and I still managed to sprint around town to get things done. I have had these sandals since last summer and it was such an impulse purchase but it was the best purchase. They’re holographic for one! This has become such a trend that it even hot the makeup world. I remember owning a pair of silver holographic booties when I was in high school and they were bomb! I remember dad buying them for me as a travel gift and I hated them when I first saw them, but when I put them on, I never took them off! Wish I can find a photo of them because they were seriously amazing! To make my high school self happy again, I bought these instead, they’re a little more practical but still so fabulous. They’re leather too, so I know they will last me a good amount of time….plus they’re from L’Intervalle;  a Montreal company with made in Spain treasures.

These jeans I wear all the freaking time!!! I just love them! I got them when I was in a desperate search of the perfect high waisted skinnies and when I saw them on sale a while ago on the Free People website I broke down in a zumba dance…so I decided without even trying them first to invest in a blue pair and a black pair and omggg they fit like a glove and hit you high enough in the right spot just a little above the belly button….good investment…if any of you is looking for a good pair of skinnies, they’re definitely worth the money!



SUNGLASSES: Aldo ‡ SCARF: from Turkey ‡ SHIRT: Topshop ‡ JEANS: Free People ‡ BAG: Coach ‡ SHOES: L’intervalle sandals

I could wear outfits like this all the time, since I’m a jeans kinda gal. I am planning to give myself a challenge and try to go a whole week without jeans and will try to document it and share it with you guys…it’s going to be a little hard but I am so up for this challenge.

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