That burgundy dress…

I have had this dress for a little while now, I wanted to wear it on the wedding day to change things up a bit….but the things is, the wedding was so beautiful that I did not even have time to get off the dance floor and this dress took a little bit of rest…until this very moment. We were invited to my hubby’s cousin’s wedding and I needed something to wear and this was just the perfect dress. I know I have a slight obsession with burgundy but it’s just such a pretty majestic color!!!

I was so happy that hubbs decided to match with me…I was proud, eeekk!

…and this is how I decided to style the dress….

I got this dress from a little boutique on St-Hubert Street in Montreal called Anais Designs. They’ve got loads of beautiful evening dresses for reasonable prices. Although I wanted to spend this time and make my own dresses…I unfortunately did not have it…time was just missing. So when I saw this dress, I knew it would be the prefect dress to wear to an important event…being long sleeves and all makes everything so much better and easier for me to style. I was loved the most about this dress is the detailing and the beading; it’s feminine and super delicate. I truly felt like a princess with the cut and flow-iness of this dress…makes me never want to take it off!

The shoes I got from Browns and they are Browns Couture exclusive. The perfect silver shade to complement my choice of turban/veil.

What I wore:

DRESS: Anais Designs ∞ SHOES: Browns Couture ∞ SUNGLASSES: Aldo ∞ EARRINGS: Crystal Couture Bridal


If you’re in the Montreal area and looking for an evening dress, I suggest you hit up Anais Designs because they’ve got beautiful dresses for loads of shapes and sizes.

You’re for sure going to find something awesome for yourself and it will totes be perfect to dance in!



A garden summer party….Jericho style.

I know I’ve been gone for the longest time and I haven’t posted anything….I was too busy with prepping and setting my married life in order. Here I am 10 days after being married and it feel weird yet good. This life is definitely different than being alone and responsible only for yourself. There are loads of points where I tend to forget to include my husband in because I have been so independent…he kinda gets sad about it, but hey, I am trying here! It’s good life really!!! And no, I wasn’t forced to marry him or pressured in any way…It’s a true love story. I promise!

Anyway, we have been invited to a few events after our wedding and small honey-week….we’ve decided to save up a little money and have a real honey moon back home in Canada. We went to a little summer garden party for his cousin’s pre-wedding celebration and this is the outfit I decided to go in. Of course it had to be vintage! Um, hello!!! It’s coming with me wherever I go…

I spotted this dress at Nova while shopping with mum a few weeks back…she told me to try it and see what it looked like on. TBH, the color isn’t super inviting when it’s hanging on a little hanger in the corner of a small vintage/thrift shop, but when I tried it on, omg, it was a whole different story! It’s a true 1980s Laura Ashley dress! Like can it get any better than that???? It has the cutest details and pleats that add more oomph to the dress, makes me wanna twirl all the time. And!!!!! Super bonus!!! It has pockets!!! Anything with pockets gets me; the way to my little heart!


Of course, credits go to my wonderful husband for snapping these and for making me look fab! Love you!


So back to the outfit, I needed a cool kickass jacket to go with this dress, I was thinking something colourful and beaded and super crazy….but couldn’t really find anything I liked…until this gorgeous military jacket from Monsoon. I love Monsoon for the quality and uniqueness of its items. They always have the cutest party items ever…even for children. Gorgeous beaded dresses and all…(Side note: my whole outfit is actually from the UK; which I just realized!) I find that this jacket complements the dress so perfectly…it adds a little masculine to a completely feminine outfit, which I absolutely love!!



DRESS: Vintage; Laura Ashley ♥ JACKET: Monson ♥ SUNGLASSES: Guess ♥ BAG: Vintage/Antique from Jerusalem ♥ SHOES: Charles & Keith


I have been so immerged into cleaning and arranging my apartment that I have forgotten how awesome it is to dress up and look clean and feel pretty. I am so glad I finally took the time to get back on track and dress pretty. I think it is necessary to give ourselves the time for self-love and appreciation, because then life becomes much more enjoyable and you are then able to give love back to those around you.

So here’s to love and here’s to life!