The all white-r edit!

I wanted to wear these white trousers forever…but the weather has been a letdown for the past few days…seems to always rain here in Montreal. So, when I saw the sun peek through the blinds today, I knew this was the right time to wear these babies out. I bought these from the Nova stores a couple of weeks ago for a whooping 5$…what?!?! Such a bargain, especially for a beautiful vintage find! What I loved about these Studio trousers is that they are fully lined with a thin non-static satin fabric, which is super perfect for whenever you don’t want your underwear to show through the white pants. TBH, they fit like a gloves, which is amazing, I don’t even need to hem them! They’re totes a keep in my closet!

Since it was all sunny out, I went with an all white outfit…but then felt like I look like a nurse, then I decided to add a big belt to make it work and I was quite pleased with the result. Some told me I looked like a ninja, others said I look like I am going to karate class and others said I took a risk…then I said F*K it! I feel great!

I actually feel like I am pulling off a Jackie Kennedy right there with the all white ensemble… but hey, to each his own. Whatever makes YOU happy, do it!

Without further ado, here’s what I wore:

I told you guys I was giong to abuse this white COMO BLACK shirt until it wears out. I am totes in love with everything about it; the shape, the cut and the length.



SHIRT: Como black ♠ PANTS: Studio trousers ( 80s vintage) ♠ BELT: Handmade by yours truly ♠ SHOES: Topshop ♠ VEIL: Voilechic

So like I said, I didn’t want this look to be one dimensional, so I added this corset belt and to recall the details of the belt, I finished up the whole look with a mustard chiffon veil. This has to be one of my favorite veils I own…I’m guessing you guys figured that too…I am almost in it in every post! Haha!

I have said it before in multiple posts and will do so for the rest of my life…I think it is absolutely crucial and necessary to dress to make yourself happy first and what everyone else thinks is not that important. I mean you can take notes and take people’s feedback…but what’s important is for yourself to do you.



PS: I just wanted to share that I am super proud of myself for wearing this all white ensemble without dirtying it! This is a total win for me, considering that I am a clutz and all. Sooo, I would add this in my success book!

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