It’s the 70s…Bardot style!

My mom have had these sunglasses in her drawer forever. I remember seeing them in photos of her wearing them so effortlessly and chicly. Always found my mom such a babe! With her mini skirts and long hair…classic. So, recently, my mom came to me giving me her 70s Brigitte Bardot sunnies so I can sell them. I totes refused! It would be a real crime if I did that! I mean come on! Look at them! They’re beautiful!!! I can’t even.


Since it hasn’t been the greatest weather in Montreal, I wasn’t able to wear them much. But this morning, the sun peaked through and I took advantage of that to wear this baby. However, the weather cheated me yet again and it started raining in the afternoon. What a shame (not really, because I am a big pluviophile). At least I got to wear them for a little bit. These are Brigitte Bardot with the classic BB logo on the side temples. Originally, they were designed by Ted Lapidus, a French fashion designer who then, in his career, decided to venture into accessories.

Bardot was always on point in her style; always perfection without too much effort put into her outfits. Her style was timeless. As I was inspired by the sunnies, I decided to go a little bit on the 70s side and wear some tartan and a loose, gypsy, boho shirt. This is how my outfit came out.

Obviously, I so wasn’t going to do heels today, because I definitely wasn’t feeling it. I made the 70s work by adding my own twist. I went with my most worn item (lately); my white leather converse. I borrowed a vintage jacket from a friend and went super simple in the rest of the look.

What I wore:

JACKET: Vintage leather-borrowed ∞ SHIRT: Como Black ∞ PANTS: Thrifted  NECKLACE: Vintage (find it in my store) ∞ SHOES: Converse


In this outfit, there was flare, print, texture and most definitely comfort. I felt 70s in my own way. I didn’t particularly feel like this was my favorite outfit of all time, but it was good enough for today and the way I was feeling. Just  a little side note, I freaking absolutely love this white shirt! It’s everything. I was looking for the perfect white shirt forever until this baby. I will get loads of wear out of this one this summer!


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