African Queen

I got this momma a few months ago from the Salvation Army…when there was a 50% off deal. I bought it simple for the daring and beautiful colorful shape it came in. But after washing it and putting it aside, I completely forgot about it. When spring cleaning came to a complete start, I went trough everything I owned and started posting whatever I did not want to keep on my Etsy store. I rediscovered this bad boy. Then I thought to myself, WHAT WAS I THINKING?? This is like a total disaster…like a failed painting project? But then I really thought…that’s so unlike me to discriminate on colorful clothes. And this is how I came about this and gave a chance to this beautiful silk 80s dress (and German made at that!!).


I didn’t feel like wearing this as a dress, simply because I didn’t want to do stockings, so instead, I wore it as a long tunic and cinched it up as a belt. I felt like a total African queen in this. I mean, it’s beautiful! It’s a little big, but it’s beautiful! Why didn’t I ever wear this before? I have this weird theory and always apply it when I go shopping. I usually hate going to the dressing room and buy items purely on looks and then decide at home whether it will look nice on me and fit me or not. And 90% of the time, it works out great for me. Basically, if the item is laid flat or is hanging and it looks ugly, it means that it will totes be fabulous on! And it’s super true!!! For me anyways.

So without further ado….here’s the infamous colorful jewel:

What I wore:

DRESS: Vintage ◊ PANTS: Thrifted ◊ SHOES: Forever 21 ◊ BELT: Vince Camuto


I am so happy I found this item again and will totes give this another go down the line. It’s a very nice piece to own because it’s different and unique. It’s cultural, it’s ethnic, it’s retro and yet super cool.  What more can I ask for?

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