The gypsy in me…

Round two of the Moroccan journey…this outfit is a good mix of east meets west. I wanted to show off my other pair of handmade Moroccan corset belt and today was the perfect opportunity! Yes, yet another self-promoting post…I’m so incorrigible. The weather in Montréal since the beginning of April has been yo-yoing with us; one day sun, and ten rain…and so on and so forth. I couldn’t wear any more boots or booties (even though I love them so much), I just needed to get my little shoes out.

So this outfit totes made me feel like a super gypsy. It’s free, it’s liberating, it’s ethnic, it’s amazing…and here it is:

This is honestly how my friends describe me…a gypsy, free-spirited chameleon.  My style is never really the same, day in day out; I usually love to experiment with different textures, styles, cuts and looks. For the most part, I push myself out of my comfort zone, because I always like a challenge. I don’t ever like to settle or keep feeling insecure; clothes and fashion give me the choice and power to work on my fears. I am a very anxious child…long story. Just like the choices I took to mix 2 different cultures in this outfit. I am not going to lie, the response of this outfit was mixed…some loved it and some truly hated it…but what mattered the most was that I felt super comfortable and daring!

What I wore:

SHIRT: Thrifted ♥ SKIRT: Zara ♥ BELT: Handmade ♥ SHOES: Aldo ♥ JACKET: Leather-Vintage


I wanted to go with a turban style today, but it was chilly…so I went with veil instead; my engagement veil….that I ended up using as a turban then. Every time I wear it now, I feel nostalgic; in a good way though! I feel like I could potentially wear this forever, it really does feel so liberating for some reason.

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