The lion tamer…..

This was another purchase from the Nova boutique in Hudson a couple of weeks ago. My sissy showed it to me and it was just hanging there so beautifully. I knew I needed this dress in my life just because it’s such a special piece. I had tried it over my clothes when I was at the boutique and it fitted fine…it’s unfortunately just a tad bit big for me (not in a dramatic kinda way…but big enough that it doesn’t accentuate my waist).   It’s a wool wrap dress from BICCI By Florine Wachter. A dress all the way from the 80s! EEEEE! It’s probably my second favorite era after the 50s.


Ohhh, vintage, why got me so in love with you? Or am I just born in the wrong time? Nonetheless, I still get to enjoy these items and put a modern twist to them. Since this dress is pretty much very in your face with the color, I kept the styling pretty simple…and here’s how I work it:

It sort of has this lion tamer costume-ish look to it, which I kinda am in love with. For some odd reason, I am in love with this! It is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea and you need to have guts to wear this much red. I was a little unsure of myself, but did it anyway. Life’s short…so meh! I am still unsure in fact, because I feel like also, the fit wasn’t the greatest. Wearing heels gave me a little bit of a push to go for it and all I was missing was my whip!


And this is why I don’t think I will be keeping this piece, because I didn’t like the fit on me particularly. It’s a medium…so I am sure there will be a better home for it out there.


But the 80s do it right every time!

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