A little bit of Moroccan Flare!

Here’s another self promoting post…so shameless! I have had these done a little over 3 years ago when I launched my first collection inspired by Morocco. I went there in early 2013 at the young age of 25. I had a huge ‘mid-life’ crisis and needed to cope. I need to find myself and find my purpose. Morocco was exactly what I needed and when I came back home, I needed to create and make a collection in honor of/thank the country that helped shape me.


With that collection, I was able to reinvent myself and reinvent the way I see fashion. I sold most of that collection but still kept 4 or 5 pieces as a little souvenir…just because it was my first and I feel like such a proud mama. One of the few pieces I kept is this lovely handmade belt with satin threads and Swarovski crystals. I obviously had the help of wonderful craftsmen to make this baby but embellished it later on to my own liking.



Since corsets are now a thing…and this belt is a corset-ish looking thing…I figured I’d take it out from the dark depths of my closet and bring it into the light. This is how I decided to wear it….

I decided to go for a feminine/masculine look….kinda warrior-ish; a little bit of Xena and a little bit of Quintana from Mortal Combat. I wanted to feel and look pretty but not make the effort to wear heels. So I turned this look into a more dressy/casual one. I wanted to keep things simple and clean to make the belt shine.


What I wore: 

DRESS: Turkish design dress purchased from Palestine ♣ BELT: Handmade ♣ BOOTIES: Aldo shoes ♣ SUNGLASSES: Kate Spade


These belts are meant to be worn with caftans in Morocco but I feel like they’re appropriate and badass enough to wear and combine them with modern clothes. I will attempt another look with this belt later on this week…it’s kinda exciting and a little challenging!

Will keep you guys posted!

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