A little bit of sparkle: Flower girl dresses!

My sisters and I started shopping wedding a few months ago and like I said in a previous post…we realized that it was so damn expensive. The simplest bridesmaid and flower-girl dress was around the 500$ mark (minimum). We shopped online and in stores and couldn’t find what we wanted. The color palette I choose was not the easiest to work with, but I stuck by it! I promise that I wasn’t a ‘bridezilla’ but I wanted my photo to be really nice and that when I looked at it 20 years from now, I would say, damn we were babes! Then we I saw that it started being difficult and dreary, I told my sisters that they could wear a blush toned pink or beige…whatever they wanted as long as they were happy. Color palette didn’t matter for me anymore…it’s not about the set-up, or the bouquet or the dresses, it’s about the people I party with and my family and friends mean the world to me.

So to get on with the point of this blog, we walk around St-Hubert Street in Montréal and found Anais Designs, my sisters didn’t the perfect burgundy shade to go with my shoe…but the dresses made them look like princesses and I was extremely happy to see them happy.

As for the little girlies of the party, there was no way I would ever let my sisters put 300-400$ for a dress that will be worn once. Since the wedding is abroad, there are priorities and I knew that plane tickets and fares were much more necessary to save for rather than pay for a one time deal. So I decided to make my nieces their dresses with the original fabric I wanted to make my dress in. On top of that, I added my hubby’s nieces in the mix…so in total, I ended up working on 6 dresses (2 of which are still in production mode).

I had so much fun making them! Creating, designing, sewing…is something I strive for and miss at times and this project gave me a good boost. Creating something from scratch always made me feel so emotional, as if I put out a baby into the world. Children of labour!! Huge labour!

So here they are:



I would say I worked on them a total of probably 3 weeks….all together (not counting the 2 left to assemble). With the first sample, the fittings, the cut and everything..I would say that’s a pretty good job. The flowers though…that took me forever, I would say! It’s always the tiniest details that that the most time to finish. The meticulous work and the finishing add hours to the bank. But I always say it’s worth it! Every time!

I am beyond excited for this new chapter and I am pretty sure it is going to be a hell of a ride. I am so ready for this change and super proud to be my partner’s half. He gets on my nerves at times (I’m sure he feels the same), he definitely makes me a better woman and a stronger one! We super complete each other!

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