Back to the 60s

Today, I’m going all the way back to the 60s. I sort of wish I was born in the 30s....I mean, in terms of style, the 50s all the way through to the 80s are years filled with great fashion mementos. The prints, the cuts, the fit, the colors, the detailing....everything was beautiful; even the [...]

African Queen

I got this momma a few months ago from the Salvation Army...when there was a 50% off deal. I bought it simple for the daring and beautiful colorful shape it came in. But after washing it and putting it aside, I completely forgot about it. When spring cleaning came to a complete start, I went [...]

The gypsy in me…

Round two of the Moroccan journey...this outfit is a good mix of east meets west. I wanted to show off my other pair of handmade Moroccan corset belt and today was the perfect opportunity! Yes, yet another self-promoting post...I’m so incorrigible. The weather in Montréal since the beginning of April has been yo-yoing with us; [...]