Wedding hair things…

To sort of complete the first part of my mini wedding series…today, I am sharing with you my hair cover and hair accessories. I am not a wedding veil kindda girl, I don’t know why but I feel a little restricted in it for some reason. And since I need to cover up my hair for the first half of the wedding, I wanted something that I can easily but on and off. So I decided to go for a turban style cover…but since time is of the essence, I went for an already made turban that you can just wear as a hat. Plus it has a cute little flower/wrap style. The only thing I would add is probably some beading and a small little birdcage veil piece at the front to make it more wedding appropriate. Add a little 50s, you know!

So I search everywhere but couldn’t find anything I liked…until I decided to hit up Etsy. I found a few I liked, but when I saw this one…I knew it was the one!

This turban was available in white, but Rona from RonaHandmadeTurbans was kind enough to find/make me an ivory version to match my wedding dress. Now, I know I took a risk buying this online, not knowing if the tone of ivory was the same as my dress, but when it arrived, I was baffled, it was perfect! I just need to tweak it because I am a freak and need everything to come out as I envision.


Since I was already on this Etsy journey, I figured why not look for my hair pins there and see what I’ll find. I knew I wanted to have burgundy accessories in my hair to tie in the shoes with the rest of the look. Then I found MetallyFlowers; a store owned by the cutest artist from Ukraine. Daria was super helpful and agreed to work on my flowers in the color I wanted. I sent her a photo of my shoes and we went from there. A couple of week later, she sent me a photo of the final product and I was super impressed. She’s a true artist; works with polymer clay to make the most beautiful flowers ever! They sometimes look so reallllll, it’s sick! She made me 4 flower pins with silver detailing. I mean they’re exactly what I wanted.


I felt like there was something missing, so I ended up searching for a little something extra. I found another polymer clay flower artist also based in Ukraine. Irina from MakiraFlowers also helped remake some of her flowers for me in burgundy tones…a little ivory, a little bit of beads and a little bit of burgundy.

I want to go for a messy up-do with little braids here and there and with the flowers I got, everything will look nice.


Now that I am complete with all my wedding necessities, I feel a little relieved. The only this I have missing is my dress, which is currently at the seamstress. I cannot wait to see everything come together!


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