Crystal Couture: the perfect wedding earring!

This is another addition to the wedding mini-series I started a few days ago…today we’ll be discussing earrings. I am Muslim…and you see me with a veil…so you’re probably thinking why does she need earrings anyway? Well, my wedding will be half mixed and half not mixed. What is that you say….well, it just means that the first part of the wedding will be an all girls’ party…with me and my hubby only at the centre of it all. The second part will consist of all the men of his family and mine with the rest of us girls. Here’s a brief history behind the veil and why I chose to wear it. Basically, in Islam you wear the head veil to cover up from men (outside the immediate family circle) that could potentially wed you. The hair is considered the crown of the woman and it could be very provocative along with the rest of the body. Modesty in important in Islam for both women and men! This is a big misconception and loads of people are uninformed and think women are submissive…wrong! Anyway, not to get into too many political/religious debates here, I choose to wear it because I feel powerful and pretty in it. So this is why I decided to go ahead and invest in a cute pair of earrings to complete my look, since I will not do a necklace or a bracelet. By invest, I mean a whooping $18!


I was sure I wanted to go a chandelier style earring, because it always looks more luxurious. I have been shopping around in store and online and I found everything too expensive, until I stumbled on Crystal Couture. An online store that offers everything wedding…from jewelry to headpieces, to cake decor, at an affordable price! The earring I bought is perfect and works so well with my wedding dress. It’s a mix of pearls and crystals in a classic way. It’s looks kinda vintage-y, which is why I was attracted to it in the first place. I find chandelier earrings so breathtaking, especially with an up-do .

Even if it’s not your wedding, but you’re in the market for beautiful earrings, then you should definitely go check the site out! The sale section is awesome!

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