The jean embellishment DIY

I’ve seen these gorgeous embellished jeans everywhere from the runway to the red carpet. Adorned in pearls, crystals and lace appliqués; the embellished jean trend is hitting up the stores like a storm. But I feel like the prices are a little too ridiculous, especially for a pair of trend denim that will end up going out of style (for those who care to follow trend). I find that you should never pay big bucks and invest in trend items because there’s always a constant shift.

Some of these jeans run for 500$ a pair and I am not willing to spend any money actually for these things but I still want to own a pair…but luckily since I am a crafty little monster, I have all the items I need to embellish a pair of old jeans I own. So today I am DIY-ing and showing you how I turned a bland pair of jeans into a must-have item.  That’s when thrifting comes in handy as well…if you know the basic of sewing; you can turn any old item into a new hip steal!


I have had these random Forever 21 thrifted jeans for a year now, I wear them…but not too too often, so I wanted to use them for this particular project because they fit exactly the style I wanted to go for. Since I am a designer and seamstress, I have loads of beads and fabric and items I can use without breaking the bank. I knew I wanted texture, because this is what I usually love. I wanted to add some pearls too….

…and here’s how it came out:


I was super happy with how they came out. I felt super proud showing them off and I had loads of compliments. Everyone loved them! They even thought they were luxurious and expensive…but they’re like not more than 50$ tops!

What I wore

LONG CARDIGAN: Winners ₪ STRIPED SHIRT: Centerpoint ₪ PANTS: Thrifted Forever 21 (Embellished by moi) ₪ SHOES: Topshop


I hope this post inspires you to be more daring and adventurous in your fashion choices and take a risk to make/create something original!  It doesn’t need a huge budget or a big talent…just a needle and a thread!


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