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Since I am on a roll and started talking weddings, I wanted to share with you today the shoe I decided to go for. So, I know it’s a summer wedding, but I decided to go for ivory/burgundy scheme (since burgundy is my all time favorite color). I will share bit by bit with you guys the accessories I went for and alternatives to finding them for your wedding, or maybe a friend’s wedding. I had a hard time looking for gorgeous inexpensive things…but with perseverance, I managed to find the perfect items for a reasonable price.

Now, here’s the thing, I am a little bit of a shoe whore. I love my shoes and I am willing to drop the dollars as long as they are comfortable. It is very rare nowadays that I do so…since budget doesn’t permit it and since it isn’t too necessary for me to collect anymore. Priorities change I guess.

I had decided that for my wedding, I was going to splurge on the shoes and save on the dress…which was kinda dumb now that I think about it. I bought my wedding shoes month before the wedding because I had my eyes on them for a while. I figured, if I bought my shoes for an X amount of money…I can take that off the dress budget and save a little. But since I initially wanted to make my own dress (as I had mentioned before in a previous post), I knew that shoes could be a little on the expensive side.

As most of you know, Badgley Mischka shoes are the wedding shoes to go for! They offer style and comfort and they come in all different heights! I got mine off of the Nordstrom website a few months ago and they no longer carry them. But some other websites do…for those interested.

darwyn dark red satin Womens 542359 in Dark Red Satin - badgley mischka - Copie

I have always wanted to own satin heels, but I can sometimes be a huge clumsy kid and I didn’t want to invest in something I could easily ruin. But since it’s my wedding and I already went down the rabbit hole, I bought this baby. Now this is something I will never regret. I know I will get use of out these shoes multiple times because they aren’t white.

But for those that are on a budget and are looking for fabulous comfortable heels, here are a few suggestions:

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I didn’t want to be an ivory cone, so having colored shoes was the perfect decision for me. Plus, I wanted something to use a few times more after my wedding. I find that scouring the internet to find unique wedding accessories exciting because I get a kick out of it. It has always been a forte of mine, to look, to search and to investigate…So I find that exciting, but knowing that it’s my own wedding and that there are big bucks involved, it can be a little stressful. All in all, I am very grateful that I have a good paying job that helps me pay for these little things.

I think it is important to take the time to feel special on your big day, but to also always remember not to get carried away with wasting money on unnecessary objects. Being smart and efficient whilst wedding shopping is key!

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    Hi there! What other websites can we find these on? They are gorgeous!!!

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