The ‘Yes to the dress’ edit!

So, I am getting married! Well, technically I am married, on paper that is…but we never had the chance to do the actual wedding ceremony. Not that I am interested in doing so…I would pretty much prefer eloping because it’s loads of money wasted into thin air. It’s somewhat wasted on fantasies, ideals and ideologies. I would rather use the money to travel and explore a new country. Or even better yet, donate some money to charity.  However, my dear handsome hubby…much prefers to do a huge ceremony, which delays us being together…so not venting here!! Anyway, since it’s a huge ceremony and I am Middle Eastern, it is almost obligatory for me to be dressed to the nines…adorned in gold and crystals and all things bling. Anyway, since I am a pretty simple gal, but still love my sequins (on occasion), I decided to compromise a little and give the people what they want to see but on my own terms. During the shopping process, I have come to realize, wow, the wedding industry is a killer. Some people spend so much money on silly things, it make me want to gag. We humans sometimes are blinded by consumerism and we fail to see the important things in life. I realized that at the end of it, it all came down to choice; we make choices in life that make an impact, either in a good way or a bad way.

Since this was kinda set and decided, I went dress shopping…MAN!!!! Can this industry seriously be any more expensive? I am so broke! I initially wanted to make and design my own dress, but it was too much of a hassle (because working full-time doesn’t help either). So, I went to a couple of boutiques in Montreal (which I will not name), but I felt uneasy and pressured into buying a dress I wasn’t in love with. I wasn’t even looking to fall in love with a dress; I just wanted to be comfortable and happy with what I bought. The price tag of most of these boutiques I went to, if not most, was insanely high. Prices ranged between 2500$ to 25 000$+. I was a little depressed to be honest and wanted to give up, until I went to Bella Di Sera; a little adorable boutique on Blvd. Saint-Laurent in Montreal. First of all, I was alone with my sisters and the saleswomen in the whole boutique! The joy! They gave me all their time and helped me in finding the perfect dress. I was eyeing a super simple satin mermaid dress that was just beyond gorgeous; my sisters thought it was too simple for an Arabic wedding. So, instead I tried other dresses that were a little more worked with beading and embroidery. I do admit that trying on various dresses is a little too addicting and enjoyable; you ultimately feel special and I guess most of all, it all sinks in and it hits you hard….reality is there, you really are getting hitched! So I put on the last selected dress and my sisters immediately both agreed that that was the one. Although, I am not going to lie, I love it, but I did not have that feeling that every girl describes…you know, the crying when you know it’s the one. I didn’t have that feeling, but I was in love regardless.


Maria and Silvana were amazingly charming and kind. They made efforts to help me beyond their power and even called the owner of the boutique to ask her if they could give me a little extra discount. I ended up paying within my budget for my dress minus the alterations (done at a seamstress). Do I regret it? No, I am happy and I know that my husband and everyone else will be happy too.


If ever you’re in the Montreal region and need a beautiful wedding gown, this is your spot! Make sure to take an appointment with Maria and Silvana, because they’re angels.


So, here’s a little peek at my dress….

That was a bit of a rant-y post, I know, but I feel like sometimes, we humans, don’t always have our priorities straight. Is it necessary to spend on a dress you get to wear only 1 time?! Do we do it for ourselves or to please others?! I want this to post to be a discussion board and would absolutely to hear your thoughts on this.

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