Just a little sparkle…

So, this skirt might be a little too much for the office…but nothing stopped me from wearing it gracefully and apologetically. It’s a vintage skirt I bought along with the shoes I hauled at the beginning of the week. A beautiful 80s sequin skirt with fringes at the bottom that spin around so artistically and so beautifully when you twirl. So gorgeous and poetic! I love sequins and beads and sometimes I might over do it, but this time around, I was able to tone it down in the sparkle department. I just let the skirt be the focal point of the whole outfit. This Coldwater Creek skirt is thick enough to wear in the cold weather without compromising warmth. It’s in a thicker cotton/mesh material and it’s fully lined. What attracted me to this piece is the fringe part at the bottom of the skirt; the mesh is cut into thicker pieces, while the sequins are just loose in thinner pieces.

This is how I styled this killer skirt:

Since mother decided to go a little heavy on the snow (hence the mountain behind me) front and it was a little cold, I needed to dress up heavier than usual. This skirt was perfect for that. I ended up going monochrome with a hint of red. I always love me a red lip, but you guys knew that already!

What I wore

COAT: Thrifter ∞ SHIRT: Vero Moda ∞ SKIRT: Coldwater Creek ∞ BOOTS: Nine West ∞ VEIL: Voile Chic  ∞ BROCHE: Stolen/Borrowed from my sister


This skirt is one of the many beautiful finds I bought recently. I get super excited vintage hunting, and sometimes a little way too carried away. But when I find something unique, I know I have to get it and make place for it in my closet. This skirt in articular is a gorgeous piece that would work perfectly for special outings and I cannot wait to get the use out of it.

I cannot say it enough! Vintage gets me pumped! I full on get inspired and creative. It’s a good outlet for me to fashion lets me express my daily feelings without having to speak.



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