Super mini vintage shoes haul

So I was out and about in the city with my sister and mom…we were out vintage hunting. This is an activity we like to do once in a while. We like go crazy bargain hunting and I love it because it’s quality time I pass with my family (part of it). We get super excited about everything and we always ask each other for opinions and comments. So today, I was able to go to Nova in Ste-Anne-De-Bellevue and in Hudson. I love love love shopping there, because they always have awesome and cheap finds. Super vintage and super cool. But the biggest reason of why I love shopping there is that the sales’ proceeds are donated to nurses. The Nova stores do not receive government funding, so everyone who works there is a volunteer and every dollar either goes to help nurses or help cover its operating expenses. It’s super important to enjoy shopping, I agree, but it is also necessary to give back to your community. Shopping for a cause…because why not?

I was able to find the most beautiful items…and today I want to share with you a part of it…because the rest is going to be washed. Here I am showing you 3 little precious shoes I got for only 5$ a piece. WHAATT?? That’s insane, but awesome.

I know that they’re almost similar in style. But I bought them for the colors! Omg!! I mean can you look at them! They’re super bright, super cute, super stylish, super 70s (probably my second favorite era after the 50s). They’re calling for spring and I cannot wait to wear them and I have a million outfit in mind for each and everyone of them! Especially the orange Pegabo satin slingback.


They’re super delicate on the feet, super feminine and just, over-all, good vintage finds. The purple one, I would say, is a more recent shoe, but is vintage-inspired. Nonetheless, they will all go in my killer vintage collection/closet. The pink one is almost a Chanel inspired shoe…but in a cute hot pink satin. EEEE, exciting!!!

Go away snow and cold……..because these babies need to be taken out for a spin!




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