Just another rainy day…

I woke up and it was gloomy out. That’s my kinda weather! I am pluviophile! Yes, I enjoy the grey clouds, the sound of rain on the windows and the smell in the air. Walking in the rain is so relaxing and peaceful. So today, I sort of didn’t make that much effort in the fashion department. I wanted to be comfy and loosey goosey; kinda translate the weather into my wardrobe.

So I own this really cute 90s vintage Smart Set dress with a massive slit in the bottom center front. It is the softest thing ever. In a very delicate cotton fabric. It kind has a Laney Boggs vibe in She’s all that  and that makes it even more cool and interesting.

I didn’t want the dress to just give me a square shape, so I added a belt to cinch it up at the waist to give myself a little more shape and curves. A little bit of curves don’t hurt anyone! Besides, curves are there for us to celebrate them. Hello hips!

Since I super wasn’t going to make an effort and be in heels all day, I wore my favorite Aldo booties. They’re so battered, it’s not even funny! I have used them so much and then some. I had a bad experience with Aldo once a like over 10 years ago and I never wanted to invest in their shoes anymore. But I was searching for the perfect flat booties that can work in both a dressy way and a casual way. So I found these booties last November and I have worn them countless times with dresses and they give me style and comfort. Yay for finding what you need!

I then added my favorite boxy shirt from Topshop which I got last summer. It has high slits and it’s striped! Ughhh! The obsession is so real guys…I’m incorrigible. I just love me some stripes. That along with sweaters shoes and fries…I’m hooked.  I seriously adore Topshop. Their sizes are perfect. They have beautiful and super creative garments to offer and the quality is definitely there. They’re a little bit expensive but it’s worth shopping there, especially if you’re looking for good quality wardrobe basics.

– What I wore –
SHIRT: Topshop ♦ DRESS: 90s Smart Set ♦ BELT: Thrifted ♦ BOOTIES: Aldo


This absolutely was one laid back outfit and I am happy I felt free all day…not constrained whatsoever. However, I’ve got this super existential question, should I put this dress up for sale or keep it? I love it so so much…but I can’t keep all these vintage items in my closet just for myself!

What do you guys think? Keep or sell?



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