Tartan Mania

I love me some tartan, especially when it’s vintage! I have been wanting a good, tailored tartan blazer for a while and couldn’d find anything I liked. So, when I recently went vintage hunting with mom and sissy, I found so many gorgeous items and this blazer was one of them. It’s tartan! yay! And it’s yellow/mustard; one of my favorite colors ever! I love all colors, but mustard for some reason has got my heart!

Since it’s still cold here in Montréal and winter is still lingering, I figured, this is the perfect opportunity to wear this blazer! It’s a Jones New York blazer…still in such a beautiful shape!

This is how I wore this bad mama:

I paired it over a think black shirt from Forever 21 and skinnies tucked in knee-high boots. My favorite boots ever! They’re so freaking amazingly comfortable and stylish! Love ’em!!!

What I wore:

BLAZER: Jones New York (vintage) ♥ SHIRT: Forever 21 ♥ JEANS: Forever 21 ♥ BOOTS: Nine West


This is a thicker wool blazer, so it is a perfect winter/spring transitional piece. It offers so much style but warmth at the same time. I am so happy I found the perfect tartan blazer. For some reason, I am into tartan printed anything….that and stripes…you got me down!

This time around, vintage hunting was a super success and I cannot wait to show you the rest of the items I got.


Wedding hair things…

To sort of complete the first part of my mini wedding series…today, I am sharing with you my hair cover and hair accessories. I am not a wedding veil kindda girl, I don’t know why but I feel a little restricted in it for some reason. And since I need to cover up my hair for the first half of the wedding, I wanted something that I can easily but on and off. So I decided to go for a turban style cover…but since time is of the essence, I went for an already made turban that you can just wear as a hat. Plus it has a cute little flower/wrap style. The only thing I would add is probably some beading and a small little birdcage veil piece at the front to make it more wedding appropriate. Add a little 50s, you know!

So I search everywhere but couldn’t find anything I liked…until I decided to hit up Etsy. I found a few I liked, but when I saw this one…I knew it was the one!

This turban was available in white, but Rona from RonaHandmadeTurbans was kind enough to find/make me an ivory version to match my wedding dress. Now, I know I took a risk buying this online, not knowing if the tone of ivory was the same as my dress, but when it arrived, I was baffled, it was perfect! I just need to tweak it because I am a freak and need everything to come out as I envision.


Since I was already on this Etsy journey, I figured why not look for my hair pins there and see what I’ll find. I knew I wanted to have burgundy accessories in my hair to tie in the shoes with the rest of the look. Then I found MetallyFlowers; a store owned by the cutest artist from Ukraine. Daria was super helpful and agreed to work on my flowers in the color I wanted. I sent her a photo of my shoes and we went from there. A couple of week later, she sent me a photo of the final product and I was super impressed. She’s a true artist; works with polymer clay to make the most beautiful flowers ever! They sometimes look so reallllll, it’s sick! She made me 4 flower pins with silver detailing. I mean they’re exactly what I wanted.


I felt like there was something missing, so I ended up searching for a little something extra. I found another polymer clay flower artist also based in Ukraine. Irina from MakiraFlowers also helped remake some of her flowers for me in burgundy tones…a little ivory, a little bit of beads and a little bit of burgundy.

I want to go for a messy up-do with little braids here and there and with the flowers I got, everything will look nice.


Now that I am complete with all my wedding necessities, I feel a little relieved. The only this I have missing is my dress, which is currently at the seamstress. I cannot wait to see everything come together!


Crystal Couture: the perfect wedding earring!

This is another addition to the wedding mini-series I started a few days ago…today we’ll be discussing earrings. I am Muslim…and you see me with a veil…so you’re probably thinking why does she need earrings anyway? Well, my wedding will be half mixed and half not mixed. What is that you say….well, it just means that the first part of the wedding will be an all girls’ party…with me and my hubby only at the centre of it all. The second part will consist of all the men of his family and mine with the rest of us girls. Here’s a brief history behind the veil and why I chose to wear it. Basically, in Islam you wear the head veil to cover up from men (outside the immediate family circle) that could potentially wed you. The hair is considered the crown of the woman and it could be very provocative along with the rest of the body. Modesty in important in Islam for both women and men! This is a big misconception and loads of people are uninformed and think women are submissive…wrong! Anyway, not to get into too many political/religious debates here, I choose to wear it because I feel powerful and pretty in it. So this is why I decided to go ahead and invest in a cute pair of earrings to complete my look, since I will not do a necklace or a bracelet. By invest, I mean a whooping $18!


I was sure I wanted to go a chandelier style earring, because it always looks more luxurious. I have been shopping around in store and online and I found everything too expensive, until I stumbled on Crystal Couture. An online store that offers everything wedding…from jewelry to headpieces, to cake decor, at an affordable price! The earring I bought is perfect and works so well with my wedding dress. It’s a mix of pearls and crystals in a classic way. It’s looks kinda vintage-y, which is why I was attracted to it in the first place. I find chandelier earrings so breathtaking, especially with an up-do .

Even if it’s not your wedding, but you’re in the market for beautiful earrings, then you should definitely go check the site out! The sale section is awesome!

The jean embellishment DIY

I’ve seen these gorgeous embellished jeans everywhere from the runway to the red carpet. Adorned in pearls, crystals and lace appliqués; the embellished jean trend is hitting up the stores like a storm. But I feel like the prices are a little too ridiculous, especially for a pair of trend denim that will end up going out of style (for those who care to follow trend). I find that you should never pay big bucks and invest in trend items because there’s always a constant shift.

Some of these jeans run for 500$ a pair and I am not willing to spend any money actually for these things but I still want to own a pair…but luckily since I am a crafty little monster, I have all the items I need to embellish a pair of old jeans I own. So today I am DIY-ing and showing you how I turned a bland pair of jeans into a must-have item.  That’s when thrifting comes in handy as well…if you know the basic of sewing; you can turn any old item into a new hip steal!


I have had these random Forever 21 thrifted jeans for a year now, I wear them…but not too too often, so I wanted to use them for this particular project because they fit exactly the style I wanted to go for. Since I am a designer and seamstress, I have loads of beads and fabric and items I can use without breaking the bank. I knew I wanted texture, because this is what I usually love. I wanted to add some pearls too….

…and here’s how it came out:


I was super happy with how they came out. I felt super proud showing them off and I had loads of compliments. Everyone loved them! They even thought they were luxurious and expensive…but they’re like not more than 50$ tops!

What I wore

LONG CARDIGAN: Winners ₪ STRIPED SHIRT: Centerpoint ₪ PANTS: Thrifted Forever 21 (Embellished by moi) ₪ SHOES: Topshop


I hope this post inspires you to be more daring and adventurous in your fashion choices and take a risk to make/create something original!  It doesn’t need a huge budget or a big talent…just a needle and a thread!


The wedding shoe edit

Since I am on a roll and started talking weddings, I wanted to share with you today the shoe I decided to go for. So, I know it’s a summer wedding, but I decided to go for ivory/burgundy scheme (since burgundy is my all time favorite color). I will share bit by bit with you guys the accessories I went for and alternatives to finding them for your wedding, or maybe a friend’s wedding. I had a hard time looking for gorgeous inexpensive things…but with perseverance, I managed to find the perfect items for a reasonable price.

Now, here’s the thing, I am a little bit of a shoe whore. I love my shoes and I am willing to drop the dollars as long as they are comfortable. It is very rare nowadays that I do so…since budget doesn’t permit it and since it isn’t too necessary for me to collect anymore. Priorities change I guess.

I had decided that for my wedding, I was going to splurge on the shoes and save on the dress…which was kinda dumb now that I think about it. I bought my wedding shoes month before the wedding because I had my eyes on them for a while. I figured, if I bought my shoes for an X amount of money…I can take that off the dress budget and save a little. But since I initially wanted to make my own dress (as I had mentioned before in a previous post), I knew that shoes could be a little on the expensive side.

As most of you know, Badgley Mischka shoes are the wedding shoes to go for! They offer style and comfort and they come in all different heights! I got mine off of the Nordstrom website a few months ago and they no longer carry them. But some other websites do…for those interested.

darwyn dark red satin Womens 542359 in Dark Red Satin - badgley mischka - Copie

I have always wanted to own satin heels, but I can sometimes be a huge clumsy kid and I didn’t want to invest in something I could easily ruin. But since it’s my wedding and I already went down the rabbit hole, I bought this baby. Now this is something I will never regret. I know I will get use of out these shoes multiple times because they aren’t white.

But for those that are on a budget and are looking for fabulous comfortable heels, here are a few suggestions:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I didn’t want to be an ivory cone, so having colored shoes was the perfect decision for me. Plus, I wanted something to use a few times more after my wedding. I find that scouring the internet to find unique wedding accessories exciting because I get a kick out of it. It has always been a forte of mine, to look, to search and to investigate…So I find that exciting, but knowing that it’s my own wedding and that there are big bucks involved, it can be a little stressful. All in all, I am very grateful that I have a good paying job that helps me pay for these little things.

I think it is important to take the time to feel special on your big day, but to also always remember not to get carried away with wasting money on unnecessary objects. Being smart and efficient whilst wedding shopping is key!

The ‘Yes to the dress’ edit!

So, I am getting married! Well, technically I am married, on paper that is…but we never had the chance to do the actual wedding ceremony. Not that I am interested in doing so…I would pretty much prefer eloping because it’s loads of money wasted into thin air. It’s somewhat wasted on fantasies, ideals and ideologies. I would rather use the money to travel and explore a new country. Or even better yet, donate some money to charity.  However, my dear handsome hubby…much prefers to do a huge ceremony, which delays us being together…so not venting here!! Anyway, since it’s a huge ceremony and I am Middle Eastern, it is almost obligatory for me to be dressed to the nines…adorned in gold and crystals and all things bling. Anyway, since I am a pretty simple gal, but still love my sequins (on occasion), I decided to compromise a little and give the people what they want to see but on my own terms. During the shopping process, I have come to realize, wow, the wedding industry is a killer. Some people spend so much money on silly things, it make me want to gag. We humans sometimes are blinded by consumerism and we fail to see the important things in life. I realized that at the end of it, it all came down to choice; we make choices in life that make an impact, either in a good way or a bad way.

Since this was kinda set and decided, I went dress shopping…MAN!!!! Can this industry seriously be any more expensive? I am so broke! I initially wanted to make and design my own dress, but it was too much of a hassle (because working full-time doesn’t help either). So, I went to a couple of boutiques in Montreal (which I will not name), but I felt uneasy and pressured into buying a dress I wasn’t in love with. I wasn’t even looking to fall in love with a dress; I just wanted to be comfortable and happy with what I bought. The price tag of most of these boutiques I went to, if not most, was insanely high. Prices ranged between 2500$ to 25 000$+. I was a little depressed to be honest and wanted to give up, until I went to Bella Di Sera; a little adorable boutique on Blvd. Saint-Laurent in Montreal. First of all, I was alone with my sisters and the saleswomen in the whole boutique! The joy! They gave me all their time and helped me in finding the perfect dress. I was eyeing a super simple satin mermaid dress that was just beyond gorgeous; my sisters thought it was too simple for an Arabic wedding. So, instead I tried other dresses that were a little more worked with beading and embroidery. I do admit that trying on various dresses is a little too addicting and enjoyable; you ultimately feel special and I guess most of all, it all sinks in and it hits you hard….reality is there, you really are getting hitched! So I put on the last selected dress and my sisters immediately both agreed that that was the one. Although, I am not going to lie, I love it, but I did not have that feeling that every girl describes…you know, the crying when you know it’s the one. I didn’t have that feeling, but I was in love regardless.


Maria and Silvana were amazingly charming and kind. They made efforts to help me beyond their power and even called the owner of the boutique to ask her if they could give me a little extra discount. I ended up paying within my budget for my dress minus the alterations (done at a seamstress). Do I regret it? No, I am happy and I know that my husband and everyone else will be happy too.


If ever you’re in the Montreal region and need a beautiful wedding gown, this is your spot! Make sure to take an appointment with Maria and Silvana, because they’re angels.


So, here’s a little peek at my dress….

That was a bit of a rant-y post, I know, but I feel like sometimes, we humans, don’t always have our priorities straight. Is it necessary to spend on a dress you get to wear only 1 time?! Do we do it for ourselves or to please others?! I want this to post to be a discussion board and would absolutely to hear your thoughts on this.

Just a little sparkle…

So, this skirt might be a little too much for the office…but nothing stopped me from wearing it gracefully and apologetically. It’s a vintage skirt I bought along with the shoes I hauled at the beginning of the week. A beautiful 80s sequin skirt with fringes at the bottom that spin around so artistically and so beautifully when you twirl. So gorgeous and poetic! I love sequins and beads and sometimes I might over do it, but this time around, I was able to tone it down in the sparkle department. I just let the skirt be the focal point of the whole outfit. This Coldwater Creek skirt is thick enough to wear in the cold weather without compromising warmth. It’s in a thicker cotton/mesh material and it’s fully lined. What attracted me to this piece is the fringe part at the bottom of the skirt; the mesh is cut into thicker pieces, while the sequins are just loose in thinner pieces.

This is how I styled this killer skirt:

Since mother decided to go a little heavy on the snow (hence the mountain behind me) front and it was a little cold, I needed to dress up heavier than usual. This skirt was perfect for that. I ended up going monochrome with a hint of red. I always love me a red lip, but you guys knew that already!

What I wore

COAT: Thrifter ∞ SHIRT: Vero Moda ∞ SKIRT: Coldwater Creek ∞ BOOTS: Nine West ∞ VEIL: Voile Chic  ∞ BROCHE: Stolen/Borrowed from my sister


This skirt is one of the many beautiful finds I bought recently. I get super excited vintage hunting, and sometimes a little way too carried away. But when I find something unique, I know I have to get it and make place for it in my closet. This skirt in articular is a gorgeous piece that would work perfectly for special outings and I cannot wait to get the use out of it.

I cannot say it enough! Vintage gets me pumped! I full on get inspired and creative. It’s a good outlet for me to fashion lets me express my daily feelings without having to speak.