It’s just another ghetto Monday…

I woke up quite nostalgic this morning…feeling a little overwhelmed, a little joyful, a little sad and a little excited. I guess knowing that new adventures are soon coming my way keeps me pretty occupied. The little hamster is always going in my head. He’s got to doing squats now! Okay, so I didn’t particularly feel like dressing up too too fancy, nor dress too slummy. I was meh, half way in between. So I decided to bust of some Lana Del Ray music and feel my feelings all the way to my deep deep core. Pretty poetic! And!!! I decided to dress like a teenage boy with heels.

Here’s how it went down, there was a mix of casual, of dressy and a hint of swag. I popped a hood, and there! Outfit down! Drop mic! Boom!

Enough blabbing, here’s today’s outfit:

Obviously I had to add some Snoop Dogg in there! I so made comfort and style work in this one. I did not want to compromise any of that today and I felt pretty successful because I achieved my goal. Mondays are kinda of a drag, so making efforts sometimes in the fashion department is so not required. And that’s why I love the trousers I am wearing, because they’re dressy but they’re one of the most comfortable items I own. Seriously! Forever 21 needs to bring them back. I got them 3-4 years ago and they still look brand new! The fit is fab and I always get complimented on them. They make my tush look super amazing, because they hug all the curves.

What I wore:

-Thirfted jean shirt.
-Forever 21 trousers.
-Forever 21 Snoop Dogg muscle tee.
-Zara red heels.
-Borrowed beanie.
-Borrowed brooch.
-Thrifted studded/spikey cuff.


This look reminded me of how much I like to be creative with my outfits…to try new things and to get out of my comfort zone. Even though, I am bound to hear some negative comments, I really do love experimenting! I always felt like a chameleon in fashion. I am never one particular style. Breaking the rules has always been my forte and fashion lets me be exactly who I am.

It is necessary to always get out of your comfort zones and let the creativity flow. Because as Neale Donald Walsch said: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone“!

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