Humpday Outfit

Been on a vintage roll for the whole month of January, I’ve got loads of pieces in my wardrobe that I wanted to take out for a spin. I have been absolutely enjoying using my vintage pieces in my daily outfits. Being able to mix them and match them to modern pieces I own is a total win. So far so good! Yay for vintage. Keep the environment happy and it keeps my pockets happy. Win-win! Or almost..haha! There’s always room for more shoes in your closet, right girls?!

So today’s piece is super special; it’s yet another vintage suit! From Tristan, again! An 80s tailored vintage suit in a beautiful crepe. Annndd, it’s very lightly lined with goldish stripes. Super cute! This time around, I decided to wear the blazer only, as I wanted to be in jeans. I have been doing trousers way too much, I almost forgot I owned jeans! It’s a bigger size and it fit me like a boyfriend cut. That was exactly the look I was going for today.


These jeans are fairly new. I needed a new pair of good high waist denim that hugged my curvaceous bum and hips without gaping at the waist. Hourglass shape problems! Anyway, I always heard that Free People denims were worth the price. They’re kinda expensive, but I was willing to invest in a good pair of skinnies that were high-waisted. And I found the one! Literally just ordered them online based on my usual size…and they fit like a glove! So perfect and so light. They hug all the right places and keep everything tucked in and in check. I love that they’re up the bellybutton and don’t hurt the waist or crotch when you sit. The Payton high rise skinnies were on sale for 79$ and I’m pretty happy with them…and right now, they went down to 65$. Even better!

This is how I style the Tristan blazer…



Since the jeans were pretty tight, I wanted to balance out the top part of my outfit and make it a little looser. I do not like to wear tight all over, unless it’s a sexy hourglass dress/gown of course! However, I didn’t want the outfit to be too overwhelmingly too loose and unproportional, I tied up the front part of my top and I liked how it came out. It’s totes not everyone’s taste, but it made my day and I was pretty content with today’s outfit.

Perhaps my next outfit will feature the pants!

‘Till next time x

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